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While a bumper step or step bumper isn't capable of providing the vehicle with structural support during crashes, most truck owners still choose to install it in their ride. It is because this kind of bumper provides them with extra step, so they can easily access the truck bed. With this aftermarket bumper, you can easily get into and out of the truck bed when you need to get your tools or unload some stuff.

Step bumpers are tailored and sized to supplement the existing bumper of a particular vehicle make and model. If you order the right unit for your ride, installation will surely be easy even if it's your first time to do a DIY task.

Choosing a bumper step

To get the right size of step bumper, you need to measure your existing bumper. Take note of the position of the trailer hitches and electrical fixtures at the rear of your truck and consider that in getting the right part. Sometimes, you may need to reposition the hitch just to accommodate the new bumper, so it's wise to get one with provision for such parts. Besides size, you also have to consider the material from which the bumper is made of.

Mounting instructions for a car bumper step

What you'll need:

  • New step bumper
  • Penetrating oil/lubricant
  • Marker
  • Tape measure
  • Bumper brackets and receiver brackets
  • Wrenches
  • Spray undercoat
  • Bolts and washers

Step 1: Remove the old bumper. Find the horizontal or vertical bolts that hold your existing bumper in place. Apply penetrating oil before loosening and removing them using a wrench. Set the bolts aside. Take the old bumper off and disengage the wiring.

Step 2: Prepare the new bumper step. The best way to make the new bumper ready for the daily grind is to apply an undercoat to its inside panel. This will help prevent rust formation. It's also wise to put the black plastic step treads as well as the gray cladding on the back before installing the step in place.

Step 3: Switch out your bumper brackets. Take the bumper brackets out of the truck frame and disconnect the wiring guides from the bracket. You may need to adjust your ride's spare tire carrier and trailer hitch. Position the hitch receiver brackets between the frame and the bumper bracket. Using bolts and washers, loosely install the bumper brackets.

Step 4: Install the new step. To do this, attach the new bumper to the brackets and tighten them using a wrench. In this step, you may need two for keeping the bolt from turning inside the frame rail and the other one for tightening.

Step 5: Reconnect the wiring. Once the new step bumper is securely installed in place, you can now reconnect the wiring going to the license plate light.

Step 6: Test the bumper step. The best way to test if you've properly installed the new bumper is to step on it and get into the truck. If it stays firm as you step and put your entire weight on it, then you've installed it properly.