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Most of the time, a rope isn't enough to tie down and secure the cargo you put in your truck bed or cargo area. While it keeps larger items in place no matter how fast the vehicle runs, the rope won't suffice in keeping small items from sliding in the cargo compartment. Well, that's what the cargo net is for. This item reduces your chances of losing a cargo by holding them in place while the vehicle is running. And it does this task without requiring you to go through a tedious installation task.

If you've already purchased a net for your truck to make it ready for your next hauling task, here is a step-by-step guide on how to install a cargo net on a truck bed:

Step 1: Preparing the vehicle

Park your pickup truck on a level ground and turn the engine off. To ensure safety, put it in .park. settings.

Step 2: Locating the connectors

Open the tailgate and get into the truck bed to find the connectors, which may come as hooks or snaps. You can easily locate these connectors as they are oftentimes protruding. In some vehicles, the connecting points can be bolt holes.

Step 3: Checking the size of the net

Get the cargo net from its box or packaging and carefully untangle it. Stretch it out on the ground completely to see if it matches the truck bed's installation configurations. To make sure it isn't too large or too small for the truck bed even when it's loaded, measure its extended size and compare it with the expected bulkiness of your cargo.

Step 4: Inspecting the net for damage

Don't forget to carefully check the net for tear, holes, and any type of material defect before installing it in your ride. This is to make sure that there are no weak points in the net where damage can start.

Step 5: Installing the net

Place the net into the truck bed. If the pickup truck is outfitted with anchors, thread them around the hooks to install the net in place. There are also cases when you simply need to snap or bolt the connectors in place. If you find it hard to connect the other side of the cargo net, then it is too small for the cargo area.

There must be enough slack to accommodate cargos that are taller than the tailgate and the panels on both sides of the bed. If the size of the net limits the amount or height of the stuff you can put on the bed, look for a larger one. However, you have to make sure that the slack isn't too much as the net would lose its tension that makes it capable of holding the cargo in place.

Step 6: Testing the net for proper installation

To test for proper installation, pull the center of the net toward you. If for instance, the cargo net you've purchased is assembled in six-point positions, make sure that all the connectors are properly installed.

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