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Some car owners have the habit of tossing things inside the glove box.keys, documents, gadgets, and practically anything that can fit the already overflowing glove compartment. When it's time to pick up the items, some may fumble and end up all frustrated when they couldn't find what they need. The trunk can also be filled with what looks like clutter instead of neatly arranged equipment, stuff, or luggage. It's easy to make a mess without a cargo organizer to help you pack your things in the right compartment and pockets.

Cargo organizes come in more than a few designs and styles. There's the folding and collapsible trunk organizer, truck bed storage pockets, and glove box organizer. How can you pick the right one for your car or truck with all these overwhelming options? Let us help you out with these tips:


How much stuff will you be putting into the storage organizer? Will you be stuffing it with tools or perhaps just some knick knacks like insurance cards, manuals, small flashlights, and maps? If you'll store some tools in it, look for a much bigger cargo organizer. Aside from the height, width, and length, also take note of its maximum load capacity.


Where will you be using the cargo organizer? Will you be putting it inside the trunk, glove compartment, truck bed, or practically anywhere inside the vehicle? Some organizers come in plastic or metal box designs complete with locks and keys. They have separate compartments to house different kinds of tools, sporting gear, or equipment. Others are simply made in soft fabric that can be hung or stuffed inside the trunk or glove compartment. They're designed with folds or pockets so that you can arrange things neatly, making sure that they'll be easy to find and won't be scattered just about everywhere.


What kind of cargo organizer should you look for? Cargo boxes and hard containers may be manufactured out of plastic or PVC, lightweight aluminum, or galvanized steel. The best ones are weather-proof and made to be heavy-duty. They can withstand impacts from bumps and potholes and won't easily crack open. For soft fabric containers, make sure that the material used is mildew and UV resistant. They also have to be stitched well with high-grade thread so that the seams won't splice. It's better if they have heat-sealed seams and reinforced zippers.

Convenience features

What are the cargo organizer features you should be considering? The organizer should be able to hold all the stuff that you have in the compartments or pockets. It shouldn't just give you extra storage space but should also allow you to maintain the clean look of the vehicle with your stuff neatly arranged. For trunk storage organizers, they should be flexible and spacious enough to hold grocery bags and other items stuffed in the rear of the car. Organizers that will be used for the truck bed should have a non-skid feature to prevent them from sliding whenever the truck encounters a speed bump or hole. They should be fairly easy to secure for your convenience and should give you easy access to the tools or stuff that you'll need.