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Not all vehicle components can be fastened by adhesive; there are some that need to be held in place using more efficient attachments. Depending on the type of material and the mounting surface, some auto parts are secured by staples, bolts, screws, nuts, washers, clamps, as well as different types of clips and fasteners.

Because they come in handy in most automotive applications, it is but right that you include spare fasteners in your toolbox or roadside emergency kit. Now, if you're off to purchase clips before your next automotive maintenance regimen, here are some dos and don'ts to keep in mind:


DO purchase clips and fasteners that are specially designed for the purpose you have in mind.

Fasteners will be more efficient if you'll use them for their intended purpose. Plastic fasteners would be best for use in plastic parts and surfaces, much as metal fasteners are very much efficient when used in metal objects.

DO double check product compatibility.

Fasteners, clips, and other types of attachments will not be as efficient as they are expected to be if they aren't compatible with the parts or contraptions they are joining together. If you will be using the clips and fasteners as replacement to the original, double-check everything, including simple details like thread pattern (if they are threaded). Verify part number and make sure the parts are compatible with your vehicle and the automotive system they will be used in. You can also get the dimensions (diameter, thread count, length) and other specifications of the old part and compare the specs and measurements with the ones you are looking at purchasing.


DON'T compromise quality for price.

You may be working on a tight budget right now, but that's no excuse to scrimp on quality. Remember that you are purchasing auto parts and any small irregularity can lead to bigger problems that may compromise your driving safety. If you think the clips and fasteners you are eyeing are more expensive than other brands, take time to find out why. They may be more expensive because of their capability to deliver high retention force or high resistance to corrosion. Perhaps, they are made of high-quality materials and are designed to last long.

DON'T take customer reviews for granted.

Besides checking product features and descriptions, also take time to read customer reviews for the clips and fasteners you are planning to purchase. Since reviews are usually asked from people who purchased and might have used the part in their ride, they can be filled with insights and details that you may not find in the list of product features and in the product description.

Customer reviews don't just contain information about the part; they can also provide you with a bit of heads up about part installation. Such information can be of great help to you especially if you are a newbie DIYer. Some customers can even share a piece of advice on how you can pull off any complicated installation procedure. There are also reviews that touch on how excellent or how bad customer service is in the store where the product has been purchased.