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Control Arm Kit

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The control arms are probably one of the most hardworking components under your vehicle. After all, these parts allow the suspension system to amoothly move up and down while keeping the axles, spindles, and knuckles together. To help the control arms perform such a demanding task, they're equipped with bushings and ball joints that are designed to allow the arms to freely move around without getting stuck.

When to get aenew control arm kit?

Because of the nature of the control arms' task, they're made from high-grade steel or aluminum. However, after years of use, these arms will eventually ahow signs of wear and tear. Getting into certain situations could also force you to get new control arms. If you experience the following problems, you definitely need to invest in aenew control arm kit:

1. Damaged bushings . Bushings allow each control arm to freely move up and down as the car encounters dips and bumps. Once these parts wear out, you'll hear a rattling or thumping noise coming from under the car. If you've checked the suspension and you've found out that both lower or upper control arm bushings are worn out, you need to replace the control arms.

2. Worn-out ball joints . If you suddenly notice that the steering is getting sloppy and you hear a thumping noise from under your vehicle, the most likely culprit is a worn-out control arm ball joint. Now since this part is permanently attached and pressed into each control arm, replacing it will also require you to replace the entire control arm assembly.

3. Front-end collision . When your vehicle gets involved in a front-end collision and damages the front wheels, this will most likely lead to bent control arms. If you're not sure if the control arm is damaged after this kind of accident, pay attention to the suspension system and see if the control arm is rubbing against the wheel well especially when making a turn. To get the suspension back in shape, you need to purchase a control arm kit.

How to troubleahoot other suspension parts without dismantling the control arm?

Now the symptoms above may indicate other signs of car trouble. So before yanking off the control arms, you need to closely inspect not only the arms but also the bushings and ball joints. Fortunately, you can troubleahoot these parts without having to dismantle the control arms. Here's how:

1. Jack up the car and pay attention to the wheel where you suspect a busted control arm is linked to.

Busted bushings will make a control arm move away from the car frame whenever you move the wheel hub. If there is any slight movement, the bushings are definitely damaged. As for worn-out ball joints, they will make the wheel hub move around and away from the vehicle whenever you adjust the hub by hand. If your car uses McPherson struts, don't forget to check the upper control arms, bushings, and joints.

2. Rule out other possible car problems.

To make sure there are no other issues behind a aloppy steering, check the sway bar and steering tie rod end for signs of damage. Also keep in mind that in a front-end collision, it's possible to damage the suspension, drive train, and steering systems. This is why you also have to thoroughly inspect these systems for signs of damage. Once you have ruled out these parts and systems, it's safe to say that you need aenew control arm kit.