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Itching to jazz up your car's interior but don't want to splurge? Then get your hands on a deck cover. This nifty, budget-friendly accessory allows you to add a more personal touch to your car's interior. Similar to a dash cover, a deck or rear dash cover is basically a fabric cover for your vehicle's rear deck. With the right cover, your vehicle's interior gets a whole new look. To help you find the right rear dash cover, here are some things to consider:

Nifty features

When on the hunt for a deck cover, make sure to look for these features:

  • UV protection. Aside from changing the looks of your vehicle interior, another benefit of installing a deck or rear dash cover is to protect the surface from harmful UV rays. With the right cover, you can say goodbye to a cracked and faded rear deck. You can also enjoy a cooler interior because a cover that can block UV rays can also help keep interior temperatures down.
  • Custom-fit design. For a sleek looking rear deck, opt for a cover that's designed specifically to fit your car's specs. With a perfectly matching cover, you don't have to worry about the fabric muffling your speakers or any other deck accessory. If you want a more personal touch, you can also opt for a deck cover that has a unique design or features a color that matches or complements your car's interiors. And with so many options available in the market today, you'll never run out of choices no matter how picky you are when it comes to the design.
  • Fabric type. When it comes to the fabric, you have plenty of options. From velour to carpet, you'll easily find one that'll suit your preferences and budget. You also have a variety of choices when it comes to fabric features such as environment-friendly threads, triple-layer velour, and contour-hugging types.
  • Zigzag seams. For a seamless installation, a deck cover with zigzag seams is a good investment. A zigzag seam allows the fabric to lay flatly on the deck surface, especially when there are bumps or curves. And once the fabric is smoothly installed, you'll enjoy a more streamlined look for your rear dash; don't be surprised if someone mistakes your aftermarket cover as a factory-installed accessory. Plus, you also won't have to deal with bunched up or curled up cover even after years of use because the seams allow the fabric to snugly cover the surface.


An excellent warranty is assurance that the manufacturer stands by its products. So when looking for a deck cover, make sure you get one that's covered by a warranty from a reliable manufacturer.

Installation options

Another factor worth considering is how you have to install the cover. Depending on the brand, the type of car you have, and your installation preferences, choices include Velcro strips and hook or loop fasteners. Both of these installation options are easy; you can install a Velcro-backed or a hooked and looped cover in a few minutes.