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  • What You Need to Know about the Dreaded Death Wobble on Your Ford F-250

    The Ford F-250 was made entirely for one reliably tow heavy cargo or trailers on a daily basis. Despite its rugged function, what makes this pickup truck so popular is due to its interior, which is very comfortable and can even be luxurious depending on the trim. Because it is usually used for commercial purposes, which requires the truck to be driven several hours daily, one issue has caused a stir among Ford F-250 owners: the death wobble.

    What is the death wobble?

    From its name alone, you know that this is a major problem for those who own diesel pickup trucks like the Ford F-250. It usually starts with a small symptom, like a simple shudder or vibration of the steering wheel. Then, before you know it, you are holding the steering wheel tightly, struggling to gain back control of your truck. This sudden, violent vibration, which you can feel in the steering wheel, tends to increase or decrease according to the vehicle\'s speed, and can also shake the entire cab. Should you experience this, immediately let go of the accelerator and allow your truck to slow down until the vibration stops, and try to steer it to the side in order to avoid collision with other vehicles. Once the vibration has stopped or decreased significantly, immediately drive to the nearest mechanic to have your truck inspected. One death wobble occurrence can cause permanent and often dangerous damage to the suspension or the steering.

    What are the causes of death wobble?

    While the official cause of the death wobble is still debatable, two common reasons stood out among Ford F-250 owners who experienced this. The first is a worn track bar, or one that is at the wrong angle, damaged, or missing. This component is responsible for making the steering and the overall ride smoother. If you often drive on rough roads, the track bar and the other suspension parts tend to wear down or get damaged, which could then cause the death wobble. The second most likely cause is shock failure. The shock absorber of your pickup truck keeps the tires in permanent contact with the road, thus helping provide optimum grip especially when turning the corner or braking. If this component wears down or stops functioning properly, aside from the death wobble, you will face a lot of suspension-related problems, which are almost as dangerous.

    How to fix and avoid the dreaded death wobble?

    Because the systems most affected by the death wobble are the suspension and steering, you need to pay close attention to these. Aside from making sure to regularly inspect the track bar and shock absorber, you also need to care for the tires. Check the tire pressure to see if all four are properly inflated. Under-inflation, over-inflation, and mismatched pressures may trigger the death wobble. You should also get the tires balanced and rotated as well as the wheels aligned at the recommended interval, which is usually ever six months or so. Another component to look at are the tie rod, drag link, and ball joints, which are critical components of the steering and suspension systems.