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Below you'll find a wide variety of Ford Maverick parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Ford Maverick to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • Bringing Back a Ford Maverick to Its Former Glory

    The late 1960s all the way to the mid 1970s was the period when the competition among America\'s Big Three was displayed through the development and production of the flamboyant muscle cars. Although they are heavy by today\'s standards, these vehicles were considered to be relatively light compared to their contemporaries. But the best part about these rides was the V8 blocks that were put under the hood. The Ford Maverick was the smaller and less popular model that came out during that time. But don\'t be fooled because it can be a looker and quarter-miler if you do it right.

    Decoding the VIN and doing a background research

    Whenever you decide to start a restoration project, it would be best to get to know your target car very well. You should consider looking for the VIN tag and use it to get as much information about the vehicle. There will be a series consisting of numbers and letters found on the small piece of metal plate. List it down and begin decoding. The VIN should be able to reveal the details such as its production date, assembly plant, body style, engine, transmission, and a few others. This can help you determine the components and trim that could have been installed on the car as it rolled out of the assembly plant. You might also want to check if most of the parts specified in the VIN are still there. If that\'s the case, you might be lucky to have a numbers-matching car.

    Determining how to go about your project

    After doing research and taking long side glances on the Ford Maverick you just got, you can\'t help but think about all the possibilities that you can do with it. But this will all boil down with picking either of the two: purist restoration or restomod. When you decide to go for a purist restoration, it would mean rebuilding the vehicle to the closest possible state, if not to 100% original specifications. This can be truly rewarding if you are after experiencing the car as it was or if you are keen on competing in car shows. However, you might have a hard time scoring new stock parts if you are very persistent in making it very close to original. On the other hand, going the restomod route opens you up to a lot of possibilities. You can drop in a bigger block, install a modern suspension system, or even integrate a modern EFI system.

    Restoring to a roadworthy condition

    Now that you have something concrete in your mind, you can proceed to the main event. Restoring a vehicle to a roadworthy condition does not happen overnight. It takes keen attention to detail, determination, and of course money. You should be ready to cut out panels that have been eaten up by rust and weld new sheet metal as a replacement. You will also have to bolt the parts and paint the car with utmost reverence to it. There are a lot of processes and judgment calls you will have to make before you can finally drive it out. But we\'re pretty sure you\'re going to love it.