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  • Surefire Ways to Deal with the Ford Taurus Transmission Issues

    The Ford Taurus has witnessed over three decades\' worth of innovation and improvements. First introduced as a mid-size sedan in the 1986 model year, this automobile proved to be one of the better picks among consumers looking for functionality and convenience in driving. However, the fourth-generation Taurus saw a series of complaints regarding the transmission of the 2003, 2004, and 2005 year models. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent or fix the common transmission issues reported about this American-manufactured car, thereby guaranteeing comfort and safety in driving a Ford Taurus.

    Replacing the torque converter

    Several instances of the Taurus\' incapability of shifting gears have already been reported. Moving the shifter to the drive or reverse position yields no result, and this became a major concern among drivers who experience this while on the road. The problem is severe that getting the sedan towed is normally the most applicable solution.

    Upon inspection, it appears that the torque converter splines on the Ford Taurus have subpar quality. Therefore, they are easily stripped over time, which reflects the flaw on Ford\'s designs. The primary way to solve this is to replace the torque converter with a new, better-quality one. A high-grade torque converter will ensure that the pump shaft will continue turning, which also translates to a good-working transmission. No recalls related to this issue were made by Ford, so owners of a Ford Taurus that has problems with its transmission should consult a professional mechanic and have the torque converter checked for damaged splines.

    Opting for a new transmission

    Another common Ford Taurus problem is a shot transmission. The manifestation of this problem is similar to that of a damaged torque converter. In fact, there are no clear-cut symptoms for this since the drivers who shared their unfortunate experiences with Taurus\' faulty transmission all said that the car would drive normally but would suddenly stop shifting from one gear to another in the middle of the road. The real culprit behind this, though, can be diagnosed by bringing the car to the dealership.

    Again, a flaw in Ford\'s designs can be the source of the problem for this sedan. An inexpensive part that gets easily worn out can effectively interfere with the connection between the transmission and the engine. The best way to deal with this problem is to have a new transmission installed in place for the old one. While the replacement is best performed by professionals, expert DIYerswith enough knowledge and experiencecan also get the job done.

    Avoiding unnecessary fluid change

    Changing fluid on a regular basis may be advised, but only if the car requires it. Some owners may think that doing it constantly is beneficial to the vehicle. What others tend to overlook, though, is that this process do get rid of the thick fluid that keeps the transmission to function properly. Thus, changing fluid without needing it done can actually cause problems with your transmission. Otherwise, this may lead to a replacement of the torque converter or the transmission itself.