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Fuel Tank Strap

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Don't wait till you smell gas from your vehicle. The gas may be leaking from a fuel tank that's bent, cracked, or dented. To keep the fuel tank safe and in place even while driving on a rough road or at highway speeds, this should be sealed and held firmly by a fuel tank strap. With a sturdy strap to keep the fuel tank secure, you can avoid losing drops of fuel and dealing with the hazards brought about by the leak. If the strap is no longer in good shape, then don't wait for another day to deal with this. Start shopping for a new fuel tank strap to avoid fuel tank troubles.

Some things to remember when shopping for a new fuel tank strap

  • Look for an OE-comparable product. Although the strap doesn't seem to be a crucial component, don't just pick any strap you can find. See to it that the replacement is made using a high-quality material and is constructed solidly to support and protect the fuel tank.
  • Use a strap that fits the fuel tank specifications. Make sure that the strap you'll buy is specially made for your vehicle's fuel reservoir. The strap shouldn't be loose or too tight. It should be able to hold the tank safely in place. Complete vehicle details, such as the year, make, and model of the vehicle or even the engine type, can be your guide to finding a fuel tank strap that fits perfectly.
  • Get a good warranty. Once a good-enough item is found, shoppers don't usually bother looking for better deals. If you really want to be sure that the product you'll purchase can stay in good condition for years to come, search for a warranty. For fuel tank straps, you can find manufacturers that offer at least a one-year unlimited mileage warranty. Coverage for others can extend from 3 to 5 years. Other brands even provide a lifetime warranty coverage. Aside from a good price, also look for great deals through coupons, promos, and discounts from other sellers.
  • Shop around and compare various price points. Straps can cost as little as about 15 USD to as much as over 80 USD. The price range varies depending on the vehicle, brand, and product features.

Removing and replacing the fuel tank strap

The fuel tank is held in place by metal straps that secure it to the auto body frame. To take out the straps, you have to loosen or remove the bolts, nuts, or any fastener used at the end of the straps. Some straps will detach easily. Be sure to catch or hold them before they fall to the ground. Others won't drop on their own and may need to be taken down by releasing or unbinding them from the other end. Once removed, you have to hold the tank in place as you put in the new straps. Fix them into place, making sure that the holes will line up. Fasten the tank using the new straps with bolts, nuts, or any fastener used.