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  • GMC: The Blue-Blooded American Workhorses

    Trucks have played significant roles since the beginning of the automotive revolution. They provided their services to different utilitarian activities like farming, construction, transportation, and manufacturing. But as years progressed, trucks were developed to address lifestyle as well as function. From the basic utilitarian workhorse, it also became a status symbol for the rugged American. GMC has been one of the pioneers in this segment. Up to this day, the brand continues providing trustworthy vehicles as well as reliable GMC parts to the market. Let\'s explore how this company established itself to the brand you know today.

    Rapid Motor Vehicle Company

    The very first incarnation of GMC is the truck company started by Max and Morris Grabowsky. Wanting to take a shot at the truck manufacturing business, the brothers built their prototype truck in 1901. By 1902, the Pontiac-based truck company became known as the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company. It was 7 years later that the company was bought by General Motors and eventually became GMC Trucks. As the styling and features developed, the trucks became more appealing to customers. The GMC truck parts became chrome-plated, curvier, and more car-like. Trucks started to become more stylish as it was functional.

    When World War 2 broke, GMC supported the war effort by producing around 600,000 trucks for the GIs. The military benefitted from no-frills GMC parts that helped it mobilize troops in both the Atlantic and Pacific theaters. Post-war, the brand returned to catering the civilian market with even more GMC accessories like hooded headlights and wood trims.

    From Utilitarian to Lifestyle Orientation

    As trucks became more appealing to the market, the company had to reinvent GMC truck accessories. These vehicles were not limited to utilitarian applications anymore. Trucks were beginning to be attractive options to people with white-collar jobs. The brand incorporated in its line-up amenities like comfortable interiors and bigger cabin space. The design also became more aerodynamic without sacrificing the brute persona of the trucks. Production-wise, GMC used newer technologies in manufacturing its succeeding models. Materials used in producing the trucks were stronger but lighter. Under the hood, Duramax diesel engines made their way offering efficient yet powerful output. Since GMC trucks are manufactured simultaneously with their Chevy counterparts, you will notice that these trucks share noticeable similarities. They have similar bodies, chassis, engines, transmissions, and suspensions. However, rest assured that GMC and Chevy models can still be distinguished from one another because of their trims.

    The Current Line-up

    The current GMC offering showcases pick-up trucks, SUVs, and vans. The Sierra truck and Yukon full-size SUV still wave the banner for GMC. The Sierra comes in six variants while the latter has four. While these models remain the flagship models, GMC has also invested in developing other vehicles to cater to other market segments. These are the Canyon pick-up truck, the SUVs Terrain and Acadia, and the van Savana. As the brand embrace the 21st century, we can expect more innovations within the next few years and the continued presence of GMC parts online.