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Jaguar S Type Parts And Jaguar S Type Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Jaguar S-Type parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Jaguar S-Type to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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Jaguar S Type Articles

  • Jaguar S-Type: Quick Fix to the Common Fuel System Problems

    The Jaguar S-Type is an executive car that enjoyed almost a decade in production before it was discontinued in 2008. First launched as a 1999 model year, the S-Type received a warm welcome when it was unveiled at the Birmingham Motor Show in 1998. This four-door saloon boasts a sleek design that truly lives up to its class, but several consumer complaints proved that this Jaguar is not immune to problems. Among the reported cases are the fuel system issues that significantly affect the driving experience. Find out the solutions to the common fuel system-related problems of the Jaguar S-Type.

    Replace pumps to show proper fuel level

    Owners of this executive car have pointed out the incorrect fuel level shown on the gauge, and this has become prevalent in the S-Type R variant. There are times when the fuel tank gauge would show that there is enough fuel in the tank, but the car would suddenly stop and become incapable of moving. Likewise, there have been cases when the fuel tank gauge already indicated an empty tank, yet the car can still operate. Other than the inconsistent fuel level, difficulties in starting the engine have also persisted, causing discomfort to drivers while on the road.

    It was discovered that the best solution to these problems is to replace the fuel pumps installed in the S-Type R model. Since this variant has two pumps, it is important to check if both pumps are functioning properly. Otherwise, they need to be replaced, even if only one of them is faulty. Replacing the fuel pumps with stock pumps are advised, but replacement pumps are good alternatives.

    Fill tank up to get rid of \'Fuel Pump System Failure\' message

    Pushing one thing to its limits can be detrimental, as is the case with the fuel system on board the Jaguar S-Type. The \'Fuel Pump System Failure\' message pops up when starting the vehicle, and it is often accompanied by an erratic fuel tank gauge. The message, however, goes off and the gauge working fine again after a few minutes.

    Having your S-Type checked by a professional mechanic is the logical step to take in order to determine the real cause of this problem. If your vehicle is still under warranty, then it will cover all the repair fees. Otherwise, opting for a workaround may be preferred. Consumers have come to realize that the S-Type tank must not be pushed to its limits. Thus, opting for a refill when the tank is only an eight full can prevent the warning message to appear again and the gauge to malfunction.

    Ensure fuses and inertia switch are in good condition

    There are cases when your S-Type will simply not start. If other causes have been ruled out and your car has a history of replacing the fuel pumps, then the fuses and the inertia switch may be at fault. If faulty, these components will result in no fuel pressure. One sign that there is no power to the pump is when the red theft light is flashing on the dash.

    To solve this problem, check the fuses with a voltmeter to determine any blown-out fuse on board. Making sure that the inertia switch is also working properly will fix this issue and finally enable your S-Type to start.