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  • Alternative Ways to Mitigate the Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission Problems

    The unibody chassis of the Jeep Grand Cherokee makes this mid-size SUV a popular choice. It first rolled out in 1992 and is now in its fourth generation. Over the years, this luxury crossover four-dour SUV registered high sales, but a significant decrease took place from 2006 to 2010. Sales of the Grand Cherokee began to recover by 2011. By 2014, Jeep introduced its innovative nine-speed transmission on this model. Unfortunately, this so-called innovation could stop the Grand Cherokee\'s sales momentum after significant transmission problems like stuck gears, poor shifting performance, and unreliable electronic shifting were experienced.

    The need for the software update

    The nine-speed transmission was designed to give the 2014 Cherokee a better performance; but instead, it had delayed this model\'s launch date by three months. A problem with the coordination of the engine and the all-wheel-drive system with the software was the main culprit. However, the same issues that must have forced the delay are also being dealt with by the owners of the later Grand Cherokee models. An overall poor shifting performance is the primary complaint against this SUV, and more are continuously filed since then.

    Jeep announced that a software upgrade would fix this problem, prompting owners of the 2014 and 2015 Grand Cherokee to go to their dealership and request for the installation of the updated transmission software. Unfortunately, the same transmission problems still persist even after the software upgrade, according to the owners who already brought in their SUVs. After the upgrade, changing gears should be smoother, except when shifting from second to third gear.

    The temporary relief of Sport mode

    Since no recall have been initiated yet by the manufacturer, a spot-on solution to these Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission problems is still unknown. It is a good thing, then, that there is a way to lessen the severity of these issues using the driving modes available on the SUV. Tinkering through these modes, it appears that opting for the Sport mode will make the driving experience more bearable, except for certain side effects.

    The Sport mode is designed to use aggressive shift programming, which is extremely different from the Auto mode, in which all the reported horrors of poor shifting and stuck gear are experienced. However, the drawback of driving in Sport mode is that the engine speed stays high in between shifts. The reason behind this is that the transmission aggressively holds the gears before it shifts to a higher gear. If this is a non-issue, then owners may try driving in Sport mode.

    The compatibility with highway speeds

    Given the absence of the wonder cure, it has also been observed that driving the Grand Cherokee on the highways registers a better transmission performance. Shifting from one gear to another is smoother and does it on the expected moment. This makes this SUV model appear to be better driven for road trips, where driving at highway speeds is necessary. Ironically, this means driving the Cherokee in cities will be a hotbed of transmission issues that plague the later models. In essence, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a good choice if planning to go on a highway cruise.