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Here at JC Whitney, we don’t mess around with our customers by offering them cheap, but low-quality automotive products. We provide only the best aftermarket components including our superb line of Land Rover Parts and accessories. So if you’re looking for the right parts that can deliver the kind of performance you need, you can find them at our product catalog below.

Land Rover Articles

  • Three Exciting New Features from Land Rover

    For more than 60 years, Land Rover has lived up to its reputation as the go-to brand for rough-and-ready multipurpose vehicles. And a huge chunk of what makes the Land Rover brand so successful is due to the technology that\'s incorporated into every Land Rover part. From its signature PTO gearbox to its turbodiesel engine with .drive-by-wire. throttle, Land Rover takes advantage of the latest in automotive technology to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride no matter what the driving conditions are.

    If you are planning on getting a new Land Rover vehicle, here are 3 brand new features to get you excited:

    Terrain and dynamic response

    Land Rovers are designed to be driven comfortably both on and off the road, and one of the technologies that make this possible is the Terrain Response system. This system is designed to monitor driving conditions and automatically adjusts the vehicle\'s settings, including those of the steering, suspension, and wheels, to match that of the terrain. In addition, Terrain Response is also complemented with Dynamic Response, which optimizes vehicle handling through hydraulic roll control for efficient performance and passenger comfort while allowing maximum suspension when travelling under off-road conditions.

    Parking assist

    While Land Rovers are born and bred to tackle the trail, it has incorporated current technologies that make it easier to handle in urban environments. One such technology is the Park Assist feature. Under Park Assist, selected Land Rover vehicles use a series of sensors to identify potential parking spots. And by switching to reverse, the Park Assist will prompt the driver and automatically steer the car into place.

    In order to make parking in crowded city spots safer and more convenient, the Park Assist system is also complemented with two supporting features, namely the Automatic Access Height and Closed Vehicle Sensing. As its name implies, Automatic Access Height lowers the height of the vehicle at precision increments when parking, allowing for easier entry and exit. Closed Vehicle Sensing, on the other hand, is an enhancement to the blind spot monitor found in Land Rover models, increasing awareness changing lanes by alerting the driver to vehicles that are further behind the Land Rover vehicle.


    One of the exclusive perks Land Rover owners have is access to the Land Rover InControl service, a collection of features that provide additional convenience and functionality to Land Rover\'s line of automobiles. After downloading the InTouch app, Land Rover owners will be able to access information about their vehicle\'s status in real-time, including the fuel level of the car or whether one of its windows are left open, as well as sync with any electronic Land Rover accessories and digital devices.

    Aside from entertainment, the InControl service can also be used for emergency situations. In the event of an accident or if one of the Land Rover parts start to malfunction, the driver will be connected to a professional for appropriate assistance to the vehicle\'s location. The InTouch system also transmits vehicle health information to responding service providers, minimizing delay.