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Quality exhaust components are what Magnaflow specializes in providing its customers. So if you need to get one for your vehicle, let JC Whitney help you out. Browse through our wide selection of exhaust parts and components or you can let us know what your car’s make and model is so we can find the product that’s perfect for it.

Magnaflow Brand Articles

  • Magnaflow: A Top Choice for Performance Exhaust

    To get the “boom” and the “pow” in vehicle performance, the exhaust system could use some upgrade. Seeing the opportunity in this market, Gennaro “Jerry” Paolone founded Car Sound Exhaust Systems, Inc. in 1981. The parent company\'s specialization is in catalytic converter technology. From being a distributor of exhaust components, Paolone ventured into manufacturing performance exhaust products three years after the company was founded. Magnaflow then became a natural extension of Car Sound Exhaust Systems. More than 30 years after the company was established, Magnaflow has become a popular name in the industry for performance exhaust.

    A household name for performance exhaust

    Magnaflow has become quite a success in the performance exhaust market. Magnaflow\'s exhaust components aren\'t only distributed in the US but also in other parts of the world. It has become more popular with its affiliation with race car driver Mario Andretti, along with the support of other well-known personalities in the industry. The ISO-9001 certified company is on a mission to provide the finest-sounding, best-performing, and toughest exhaust components in the market, some of which are backed with a lifetime warranty. Magnaflow has a clear vision in mind, with quality, power, and sound serving as its guiding principles in developing high-performance exhaust products.

    Quality, power, and sound

    To produce the best sound, deliver top quality, and find ways to generate more power, Magnaflow products are built using advanced technologies and high-end facilities. The company owns and runs a 30,000-square foot R&D tech center. The facility is equipped with two in-ground dynamometers and a flow bench. This is where sound testing is done. Every product manufactured by the company has to go through quality checks and further assessments to ensure that they meet the standards for performance before these are launched in the market. With over 30 years of experience in the business, Magnaflow has used technology to its advantage to build products in the most efficient way. Robotics and automation have been a crucial part of its manufacturing process. All products from this brand are made in the US. Premium materials and components are used to guarantee product quality and utmost reliability. By focusing on the needs of the car owners and performance enthusiasts, Magnaflow is able to provide the best options and solutions.

    Product range

    Magnaflow is one the leading options for direct-fit catalytic converters and other exhaust system products such as performance headers, performance mufflers, tips, universal pipes, and other exhaust accessories like hangers, pipe bends, tip adapters, header merge collectors, and clamps. Performance exhaust systems are designed to help produce more horsepower and get the best sound. For diesel-powered engines, the brand offers a number of options to match the Powerstroke, Cummins, or Duramax. Aside from power and sound, better MPG can be achieved using MagnaFlow\'s specially designed exhaust kits. Mufflers come in a free-flowing straight-through style and are designed to prevent sound degradation. They come in various options such as MF Performance, Glasspack, XL Mufflers, Race Mufflers, and Mufflers with Tips. Other exhaust components are also built with the Magnaflow trademark quality.