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  • Addressing Mazda 6 User Complaints about Ticking Noise from the Engine Due to Sticking Valve Lash Adjusters

    The Mazda 6 or Mazda6 (also known in Japan and China as Mazda Atenza) is a series of car models produced by Mazda from 2002 onwards. It\'s a successful line of cars that has sold over a million units globally, hitting its sales milestone faster than any other previous Mazda models. With that said, in regards to the Mazda 6 Ticking Noise from Engine Due to Sticking Valve Lash Adjusters problem, here\'s the gist. Every Mazda 6, from the 2003 edition to the GG-platform, has had issues with loud ticking or tapping noises from the top of the engine that\'s essentially a hydraulic valve lifter noise.

    A Look at the Mazda6 Ticking Noise Issue

    Mazda6 drivers like you are complaining about how there\'s a loud ticking noise within the engine area of the car, particularly when the engine\'s temperature has dropped. It\'s a more common occurrence for high mileage vehicles rather than their more barely used and brand new counterparts. The ticking noise is quite loud and happens as your engine warms up from being cold all night long.

    It\'s something Mazda 6 owners regularly have to deal with during the winter months (aside from cold starts). The ticking noise doesn\'t just stop at startup; it continues and gets worse as you accelerate your car. It usually sounds as though the noise is coming from the right side of the dashboard, but it\'s actually right on top of the engine itself. You can\'t hear it outside unless the hood is open but from the inside of the car, it\'s loud and clear.

    Possible Causes and Origins of the Problem

    It could be a hydraulics problem but more often than not, the main cause and origin of this ticking noise is because of a sticking valve lash adjuster or adjusters (also known as lifters). When it comes to the Mazda 6 Ticking Noise From Engine Due to Sticking Valve Lash Adjusters, it\'s also a good idea to check your oil since this car model does have a history of sucking oil through bad PCVs.

    Perhaps you could resolve the issue with proper oil changes alone if the ticking problem hasn\'t worsened to the point of no return, where you have no choice but to replace car parts. It could also be one valve lifter making the noise or all eight of them, necessitating immediate replacement of everything on your part (including the spark plugs, at that). In order to solve the issue, hydraulic valve lash adjusters might have to be realigned to get rid of the noise. Worst-case scenario, you might have to replace them.

    Solving the Ticking Engine Noise

    In regards to replacing your Mazda6 lifters or valve lash adjusters in a DIY fashion, here\'s what you need to do. Before installation, your lifters should be primed with oil by submersion. You should then remove the engine, unbolt two bolts, disconnect three engine connectors, remove rocker assembly, replace old lash adjusters with new ones, then put everything back together again.

    Otherwise, if you want it done right, hire a professional you can trust to do it for you. As for preventive maintenance to ensure that such noises never happen in the first place, you should follow the oil change maintenance schedule for the Mazda 6 as religiously as possible. This is also the recommended course of action after hydraulic valve lash replacement in order to prevent ticking noise recurrences.