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Motorcycle controls and accessories are mounted on handlebars. These include the rear-view mirrors, throttle, brake lever, light switch, clutch, and horn. Once the handlebars break or get too worn out, you have to make sure that these are replaced as soon as possible. When shopping for new handlebars, function shouldn't be your only concern. Handlebars come in a wide variety of style. You can dress up your bike with eye-catching, comfortable motorcycle handlebar designs. Just make sure that they fit well and match the type of motorcycle you're riding so that you can drive in style and in comfort when on the road.

Different types of motorcycle handlebar

Choose the right type and style of handlebars. Make sure that they match your personal needs as a rider and also the specs of the bike where they will be installed. Doing so will make sure that the new motorcycle handlebar set will be easy and comfortable to use. This will also make motorcycle rides smoother.

  • Ape hangers are extended high above the bike's level. As such, you will have to extend your arms high and spread them wide when using these handlebars. Options for these handlebars include lower mini-models and fully extended hangers.
  • Z-bars are sharply angled. They come in different lengths for the straight rise sections.
  • Cruisers are longer than other handlebar types. They typically extend toward the rider. With these handlebars, you can get into an upright sitting position. The bars can be adjusted to proper height using riser kits.
  • Beach bars are comparable to cruisers. They slope back toward the rider, which in effect lets you have a more relaxed riding position.
  • Motocross bars are used on offroad and motocross bikes. They come in tubular bars that are clamped on the triple tree.
  • Clip-ons are common options for sports bikes, though these can also be used on different types of motorcycle. These handlebars are clipped onto the forked tubes.

Tips when shopping for a new motorcycle handlebar set

  • When switching to aftermarket handlebars, you have to choose a style or design that provides ride comfort. Choose handlebars that best match the size, design, and other specs of the motorcycle and also your riding style. Also consider the most comfortable position when riding the bike. If your hands or arms get tired easily or if you experience back aches and shoulder pains because of how you're sitting on the bike, consider making some adjustments on the bars, if possible. Or, you may use another style of handlebars that best fits your needs and preferences.
  • Try to get a good measurement for the replacement motorcycle handlebar set. Here's one good technique: have someone else measure the changes in distance when you sit on the bike and set yourself in a more comfortable position with your hands, arms, and body. Measure the distance between the left handlebar's tip and the right handlebar's end to come up with the bars' width. A ruler may be used for the center width. Place it along the bottom, flat surface of the bars. Using a ruler or tape measure, you can also measure the height or rise of the bars, their pullback, and the center spacing.