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Driving the car out of the garage is easy, but parking exactly where it should be can be a challenge even for experienced drivers. You may sometimes be unaware that you've pulled the vehicle too far and its rear bumper has already knocked stuff over, you've hit a wall, or you've scraped your door. Besides carefully maneuvering your ride, another way to avoid parking mishaps is to use a reliable parking aid.

This parking lot accessory may vary from aftermarket parking aids and signs to home-made markers. If you don't have much time to make DIY parking aids, you'd better purchase an aftermarket unit. Below are some tips to help you get a highly efficient driveway marker:

Tip #1: Choose one with highly visible light or warning sign.

Parking aids are placed right where the rearmost part of your ride should be when it is parked. They are usually designed to blink or light up as soon as the vehicle gets very near or touches its pole. So when choosing a parking aid for your garage, make sure that it gives off a very visible light or warning sign that will make you notice it right away. The light signifies that you're perfectly parked, so you must stop pulling in.

Tip #2: Ensure the product's quality.

Every time you park, your vehicle's rear will bump into the pole of the driveway marker, so it's important that it is durable enough to withstand such constant beating. It can be flexible or not, but it has to be made of heavy duty rod that won't easily get bent with minor impact.

Tip #3: Make sure that the pole of the driveway marker is gentle on your car's finish.

Besides being durable, you also have to make sure that the pole of your parking aid won't hurt your vehicle's finish. It must not leave scratches or small dents on the rear part of the vehicle it comes in contact with. Just imagine how unsightly your ride's rear will appear if it's being dented or scratched every time it touches the pole.

Tip #4: Go for a parking aid that ensures easy setup.

If you have extra time to spend for your ride, you might as well use that in carrying out DIY maintenance or repair projects for your precious investment. Why shell out money on a marker that takes time to assemble, when there are units that ensure simple assembly without any tool required?

Tip #5: Consider the product's portability.

A driveway marker that's portable enough or easy to move is more beneficial as you can take it with you and use it anytime you like. Unlike a portable unit that can easily be removed, a parking aid that's firmly mounted in place can become a pain in your neck when the time comes that you need your garage space for a party, garage sale, or other events.

If the marker works on battery, you can save bucks by getting one that already includes batteries. You must also consider the price of the product. You can find a wide range of affordable driveway markers, so you don't need to shell out more bucks to ensure safe parking at all times.