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Rocker Arm

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Once any of your car's rocker arm fails, expect poor engine performance and a ticking sound under the hood even if oil levels are normal. Without this component, your vehicle's valve train assembly will suffer, causing poor or sluggish exhaust or intake valve operation. Fortunately, replacing this component is easy. Here's how:

Tools you'll need:

  • Torque wrench
  • Scraper
  • Valve cover gasket
  • Masking tape
  • Socket set
  • Marker
  • Wrench set

Step 1: Remove the air filter assembly.

Pop up the hood and make sure you've disconnected the battery cable. Then locate the air filter assembly and lift off the lid. Using a ratchet and socket, remove the nuts that attach the filter assembly to the engine. Then lift off the filter assembly.

Step 2: Remove the spark plug wires and the throttle cables.

Using pieces of masking tape and a marker, label the spark plug wires to note their exact location. This will make reinstallation easier later on. Then pull out each wire from the spark plug by grasping the boot. Remove all wires and place it away. The next step is to disconnect the throttle cables from the body. With the use of a wrench, disconnect the cable bracket from the intake plenum and move it out of the way.

Step 3: Remove the busted rocker arm.

To access this component, you need to remove first the valve cover by unbolting it with a ratchet and socket. Then lift the cover away to access the nuts that hold the arm in place. With a ratchet and socket, remove the nuts. Then remove the arm and ball from the cylinder head. Get rid of the old valve cover gasket. Scrub off gasket residue with a scraper.

Step 4: Install the new rocker arm and re-install all the other parts.

Attach the new arm and bolt it in place with a torque wrench by torquing the nuts to 22 ft/lbs. Attach the new valve cover gasket on the surface of the cylinder head. The re-attach the valve cover on top of the new gasket. Re-install the cover bolts, tightening them in place with a ratchet and socket. Using a wrench, re-install the bracket of the throttle cables into the intake plenum.

Step 5: Hook up the throttle cables and spark plug wires.

Reconnect the throttle cables back into the body and re-attach each wire onto the corresponding spark plug. Push each wire until it snaps back into place. Keep the spark plug wires in their proper places by connecting them onto the organizing clips.

Step 6: Reinstall the air filter assembly.

Put the filter assembly back in its casing and snap the lid shut. Then reconnect the battery cable. Take your ride for a test drive and see if the rocker arm has been properly installed.

Installation tips:

  • Come up with your own spark plug diagram to make sure you remember the positions of each wire.
  • When removing the air filter assembly, be careful when handling the filters because they are usually made of pleated paper.