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Having good air-conditioning and some music coming out of your stereo isn't the only thing that will make sitting inside your vehicle for hours quite bearable. Having soft, comfy seats also matter for both driver and passengers. With comfortable seats, you can easily rest your tired back or get in a more convenient position as the vehicle runs for miles after miles. Now, if the seats suddenly crack or tear, you'd surely feel the discomfort. Resting and relaxing while inside the vehicle may no longer be an option.

If the bucket seats of your vehicle are already tattered, then you have to do something about these right away. You may have to look for a new seat back and get rid of the old one. Searching for a new piece doesn't have to bring so much pain to the vehicle owner-slash-car part buyer. If you're not that familiar with seat backs or are not fully aware of what to look for, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Replacing the old seat back of your car

  • Look for a replacement that will directly fit into the seat of the vehicle. The part should provide a contoured fit and not just the right texture. Product search should be vehicle-specific so you'll get a perfect match for the seat of your vehicle.
  • Search for a material that won't easily fade, crack, tear, or break. The seat back can be made of plastic or may be made to match the carpet and trim of the car interior. Seat backs that are constructed using plastic should be thick and should be molded using a durable, high-grade material. Those designed to match interior trims and carpeting should be UV-treated and should have crush-resistant loop fibers.
  • Get the right design. Seat backs may come in different designs such as the cut pile and premium styles. They may also come in different colors and patterns, as many as over 20 color options such as gray, black, blue, brown, and red. They may be ordered as an OE replacement or as an aftermarket piece for customization. The replacement part should not only fit but should also blend well with the rest of the seats and car interior accessories.

A seat back may cost as much as over 100USD or may be priced as low as about 50USD, depending on the vehicle, brand, design, and other features. Shop around to find not only the most reasonable prices but also pieces with great fit and style. Make sure that the part is specifically made for the year, make, and model of your vehicle.

Seat backs for motorcycles

Seat backs are also available for motorcycles. When looking for a seat back replacement for your bike, consider the backrest angle, height adjustments, pad assembly, and other relevant features. Depending on the type or model of the motorcycle, designs may vary. The best ones are made from heavy-duty materials and are also made for the utmost comfort of the rider and passengers.