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Sissy Bar Mount

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Riding the motorcycle can, in more ways the one, be very exhilarating. But with the thrill of riding a two-wheeled vehicle comes the fear of falling off, especially for passengers who have to hold on to the driver for support in every twist and turn. To add a measure of safety for passengers, a rear backrest can be mounted onto the motorcycle. This backrest is called the sissy bar. To secure this bar on the motorcycle, you need a highly reliable mounting system. If you're in the market for a sissy bar mount, here are some things you ought to know:

Things to look for in a sissy bar mount

  • Heavy-duty material. The mount should be constructed from a sturdy material like high-grade metal or stainless steel.
  • Smooth finish. The mount will be a part of the motorcycle, and you won't have to see raw metal sticking out from it. To match the exterior, the sissy bar mount should at least be polished or have a chrome finish not just for style but also for enhanced protection against road elements.
  • Great fit. Get a kit or mounting system that fits perfectly into the motorcycle, making sure that the added rear backrest or luggage rack will be secured properly.
  • Good design. Some mounting systems feature key lockable designs for added security. They may also come with minimal docking hardware and chrome steel sideplates. Look for a sissy bar mount that allows fast and easy installation.

Tip: Get the right sissy bar for your motorcycle. Some models require custom-fitted accessories and equipment, so when shopping for this accessory, search for options that are specific to the year, make, and model of the bike. Also consider some sissy bar designs and features, which may include a luggage rack, cushioned seat back, and trunk with added tail lights.

How to install a sissy bar

Step 1: Make sure that the motorcycle is steady as you work on the rear bar assembly. Be careful not to push it down.

Step 2: Check the sissy bar installation requirements. Some bars have to be linked to the shock bolts. You won't have to disassemble the shock absorber here; you just have to loosen the nuts. Some sissy bars are mounted to the rear fender. The bar can be fitted to the pre-drilled holes on the fender, or this may require a bit of modification for the bar to be properly mounted. Get everything out of the way so that the bar can be placed on the rear of the motorcycle and can be fitted through the mount points.

Step 3: Mount the sissy bar carefully. Once everything's in its proper place, you'll have to secure the rear fender mount using bolts, or in some sissy bar designs, you have to tighten the bolts on the shock absorber. In some sissy bars, both mounts are used. You have to use the right bar for the motorcycle for easy mounting and hassle-free fitting.

Sissy bar installation can be done within 15 minutes by an average home mechanic, as long as the correct sissy bar mount is used.