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Spare Tire Cover

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You can never really tell when one of the tires will blow up or go flat while driving on a track, highway, or busy street. But, you won't have to panic as you look for a nearby tire shop or mechanic. With a spare tire mounted to the rear of the vehicle or hidden somewhere in the trunk or vehicle compartment, the tire trouble won't have to totally ruin your day. You can change the busted tire or have someone else do it for you, so you can be on your way in no time. Just be sure to pack emergency tools and keep the spare tire covered till it's time to use it.

How important is a spare tire cover?

The tire cover not only keeps the crude spare tire out of plain sight from the rear of the SUV, Jeep, trailer, or RV. This also protects the tire from harmful UV rays and keeps it covered from dirt, debris, mud, water, and sludge. This way, the spare tire won't easily form cracks or shrivel over time. The clean tire can also perform better on the road if kept away from the elements.

What are the different types of cover for the spare tire?

Tire covers can be made of vinyl or polyester fabric or may come in a hard shell. Other variations include faux leather covers.

Vinyl covers come in a wide array of colors, textures, and designs. What's good about this fabric is that it's fairly easy to clean. It requires little maintenance and will probably last for many years with proper care. Vinyl covers are also cheaper compared to hard metallic covers.

Polyester is strong and durable. It's highly resistant to some chemicals, mildew, and abrasion. Any fabric made of this material doesn't easily shrink, stretch, or warp out of shape. It can be washed easily and usually dries quickly. Other than that, polyester tire covers are also waterproof. These may come in different combinations such as polyester and cotton or vinyl-coated polyester fabric.

Hard spare tire covers are the most durable. The hard case may feature UV protection against harsh weather elements and may come in a smooth, luxurious finish. The hard tire cover may also be designed with a lock and key as an anti-theft feature. The sturdy case can come in a color and finish that match the vehicle's styling, complementing the entire exterior. The hard cover may also come in solid colors and simpler designs, but this can definitely add some sophistication to the vehicle.

Other tire covers are made of heavy-duty faux leather that's waterproof and weather-resistant. This may be designed with premium vinyl exterior. Faux leather comes in varied color, texture, and grain and has the appeal of real leather at a much lower cost. It doesn't easily scratch or scrape like real leather and can be cleaned with less trouble.

How can you figure out the size or exact measurement of the spare tire?

The tire's sidewall is where you will find the size or exact measurement, which could be written as P205/65R16 (in this case, section width is 205mm, aspect ratio is 65, and wheel diameter is 16 in.). The size of tires installed on the vehicle may not be the same as the spare tire. They vary at times, so be sure to double-check.

What makes a good tire cover?

Good tire covers are made from top-quality fabric with solid backing. They're sewn using industrial-grade thread. The tire cover should fit the spare tire perfectly to protect it from dirt and other elements. Superior protection to the spare tire may come through special features like UV and weather resistance and waterproof design. The cover should be easy to use and should come in a design or color that best complements the vehicle, whether you want a more rugged look, a custom design, or a practical style. You should be able to get at least a one-year manufacturer warranty for the cover.