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We pride ourselves on having the best selection of SuperChips parts and accessories. Whether you are looking for universal or custom fit SuperChips products, we have them all. Enter the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more custom selection of SuperChips parts or choose from the list below.

Superchips Brand Articles

  • Superchips: The Trusted Brand for Auto Tuning Components

    If you own a late-model car or truck, it needs a tune up every 30,000 to 45,000 miles. And when it comes to auto tuning, there\'s no better brand to trust than an industry leader and one of the first to specialize in such field-Superchips. Initially based in England, Superchips is one of the first companies in the industry to focus on tuning automobiles with computer-controlled fuel injection system.

    How the company began

    Superchips was established in England in 1983 and was originally focused on providing the British racing community with premium solutions to their need for exceptional power and performance on the track. After several years in the business, this company eventually started to expand its market reach and bravely tested the waters out of Britain by supplying power components to racing enthusiasts across the globe.

    The brand was acquired by MSD Performance in 2005, making Superchips one of its sub-brands alongside MSD Ignition, Racepack, and Edge Products. Being one of the world-renowned names in the automotive performance market, MSD Performance has greatly helped Superchips in developing and launching new and exciting aftermarket solutions. Superchips now has its headquarters in Sanford Florida and is now supplying the industry with thousands of hand-held programmers that are all proudly U.S.A. made. Unlike before, when its products are just for British racing cars, Superchips new aftermarket tuning products are compatible with a wide range of cars, trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps.

    What makes its products standout

    Designed to offer solutions to vehicle owners who are looking to add more power to their vehicles so they can be capable whether on the street or on the trails, Superchips products are precision made with careful attention to every detail. Because automotive tuning is a complicated task, Superchips make sure that its products come with manuals and downloadable software online to make it easier for you to get the latest updates. While most of its products are user friendly, Superchips make sure to still provide you with a manual that could give you an easy yet detailed walkthrough.

    California residents who are thinking of getting products from this brand but are holding back due to the state\'s strict emissions regulations, there are now Superchips tuning products with update calibrations to meet emissions compliance requirements set by the CARB.

    What makes up its product lineup

    Superchips take pride in providing the automotive aftermarket with products that have cutting edge and innovative design and unparalleled reliability. Among its products is a high-tech handheld vehicle programmer and diagnostic tool called Cortex, which will provide your ride with smart power so you can make smarter driving decisions. And then there\'s the Flashpaq for Jeeps. This tuning solution is loaded with many features that are exclusive to the brand, so it can provide you with outstanding performance regardless of your geographic location. There\'s also the Flashcal, which is a must if you\'ve put in new tires or gears to your Jeep. Other Superchips products are TrailDash, Expandable Accessory System, Dash pods, and TrailDash2.