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One of the tires of your vehicle may run flat just when you least expect it. You'll probably want to run to the nearest repair shop or auto store to replace the tire. But for the meantime, you may want to patch things up with a tire repair kit so you won't get stranded and can keep going. The kit, which is quite affordable, can be a good backup in case of emergency. You can fix the fracture on the flat tire temporarily until you can find a more permanent solution to the problem.

Before you grab any tire repair kit, it pays to consider some of these questions:

What items are included in the repair kit?

Repair kits may include different items. While some repair kits may contain rubber filler strips and a metal applicator for fixing flat tires, others may include a tire inflator and a hose or threaded applicator to seal the punctures and re-inflate the tire. You might also find these items in some tire plugger kits: nozzle adapter, probe tool, reamer/rasp tool, mushroom plugs, tire plugging device, Allen wrench, and a retractable razor knife. Choose a tire repair kit that's most convenient for you to use. Make sure that it has all the tools and materials you'll need. It should come complete with instructions as well. It'll be great if the tools and materials are stored in a pouch or case.

How do you use a tire repair kit?

There are different ways to use it, depending on the design, available tools, and features of the kit. In some packages, you'll have to use rubber filler strips or add drops of rubber cement into the puncture using the applicator in the kit, although in other repair sets, the plug or plugging material will do even without the rubber cement. The plug has to be inserted into the applicator that will be slipped into the puncture or hole. To release the rubber plug, the applicator has to be twisted. If the plug has any excess strip or material, this may be cut off with scissors. The tire should be re-inflated after this.

In some kits, mushroom rubber plugs are driven into the hole using a special plugging device and Allen wrench. The plug can fill in the gaps or holes in the punctured part of the tire as it expands under pressure. With the mushroom head firmly seated on the inner wall, air won't leak or escape.

Tire inflators in cans together with hoses or threaded applicators may be used to seal holes and re-inflate the flat tire.

How can you find the best tire repair kit?

Look for a repair kit that's recommended for the size or type of tires used by your vehicle. Be very specific in your search to find the best kind. See to it that the kit comes with all the needed tools and materials. Also, check out the instructions so you'll know how the kit is used. This will help you pick the best tire repair solution that's suited to your skills, preferences, and needs.