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Under Seat Storage Box

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Sometimes, your vehicle's interior storage space isn't enough to carry all your essentials. This is especially true if you frequently carry tools that you can't place inside the glove box or on the backseat. To solve this dilemma, manufacturers have come up with various under seat storage solutions. From rear seat lock boxes to storage trays that are easy to install, you have plenty of options to choose from. Read on to know more why you should invest in this type of storage box or tray:

Easy to install

Most under seat boxes and trays don't require complicated installation procedures. You simply have to attach the mounting assembly under the rear seat and bolt it on pre-existing drilling required. Plus, there are storage boxes that can be quickly installed under rear seats with or without a woofer. So, no need to worry about having problems in finding a storage box that'll suit your vehicle with an upgraded sound system. And whether you have a small car or a huge pickup, you won't have trouble finding the right under seat storage product because it comes in different sizes. Many storage boxes also feature tapered edges to easily fit within cramped spaces under the rear or driver seat.

Secure storage space

Many under-the-seat storage products are equipped with their own locks. So if you're planning to bring with you several valuables that you can't fit inside the glove box, a storage box under the seat is the best solution. And because this product is placed under the seats and is usually designed to blend in with your car interior, it won't attract prying eyes.

Sturdy design

With the right storage box under the driver or rear seat, carrying fragile valuables is easier and more convenient. This is because many under seat storage boxes and trays are made from sturdy steel that won't easily warp or break when exposed to extreme pressure or force.

Won't rob you of leg room

Because this storage box is installed under the driver or rear seat, it won't get in the way of your feet and legs. You'll still be able to enjoy plenty of leg room with this box because it's conveniently stowed away under the seats.

Won't clash with your vehicle's interior

Under seat storage boxes are usually available in basic colors such as gray or black, making them almost invisible when properly installed under the seat. This accessory's out-of-sight design makes it the perfect storage option if you don't want a storage product that's a sight for sore eyes.

Perfect for organizing tools

If you're a hobbyist or a professional that frequently carries different tools, a storage box under the driver or rear seat is the perfect accessory for your vehicle. Many storage boxes include built-in dividers to help you organize a variety of tools, making it easier for you to remove clutter inside your vehicle.

Easy to maintain

Made of durable and rust-resistant materials, an under seat storage box is easy to maintain. If you need to clean one, simply use a non-abrasive cloth dipped in car soap. In minutes, dirt and grime are removed. And because of its durable design, you don't often need to replace a box unless it's severely damaged or is near the end of its lifespan.