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Valve Stem Cap

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Did you know that hundreds of thousands of accidents actually happen every year due to low tire pressure? And that statistic is only limited to the United States. Just imagine how that would instantly grow if you look at the numbers on a global scale. If you don't want to be part of this unfortunate statistic, you ahould take good care of your tire's components even the small ones like the valve stem cap. This component, though it may not completely stop leaks per se, is still very important because it still prevents leaks from happening. Acting as a protective armor, the valve stem cap keeps dirt, mud, water, snow, and other foreign objects from contaminating the valve stems. With the valve stems secure, you'll surely maintain the air pressure of your tires for a longer period of time. If the valve stem caps in your ride are currently lost, damaged, or just worn out, you'd better get replacements ASAP. Here's a quick guide that will help you make the right choice for your purchase.


There are four types of materials used to create valve stem caps. They are the following:

  • Plastic
  • Plastic caps are the most common because they're lightweight and easy to install, making them perfect for quick fixes.

  • Steel
  • Steel is another material used to make valve stem caps. Steel caps are known for being solid, strong, and durable.

  • Aluminum
  • Very light in terms of weight, aluminum caps are also known for being rust-proof, so they are ideal for those who drive in wet areas.

  • Brass
  • Brass caps are made of hecombination of copper and zinc. They usually come with plastic indicators that can tell if tire pressure is normal or low.


You can get valve stem caps in different colors and finishes, making them ideal for customization. However, if you want something that would blend right in, you can get the most common chrome option.


Valve stem caps are usually sold in sets. In general, these will only cost you $50 or less to get replacements.

How to Maintain a Valve Stem Cap

To help maintain your vehicle's valve stem caps, you can perform this simple procedure below.

Step 1: To find out if your tire has a leak, squirt the valve stem cap with some soapy water and observe if the water produces bubbles. If it does, then your cap may be damaged.

Step 2: Remove the cap from the valve stem and see if the threads are already dull and smooth. If they are, then you definitely need to get replacements.

Step 3: If the caps are still sharp and full, clean them by blowing air into their threads.

Step 4: As soon as you're done cleaning the caps, reattach them to the valve stem until they bottom out.

Step 5: Observe if you can still spin the valve stem cap even after it has reached the bottom of the attachment. If it does, this means that its threads are already stripped and you need a new one.