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Technology is constantly changing how we live our everyday lives. In fact, it's even changed how we are behind the wheel. Today, you can install a wide variety of gadgets and accessories on your vehicle to make your daily travels easier. For instance, you can install a GPS device to make navigating through anywhere a breeze. You can even install a DVD player to keep the kids busy, and you can also install LED lights to jazz up your vehicle. However, with all these additional electronics, you need an easy and simple to way to power them up. This is where a wiring harness comes in. This particular component is basically an assembly of organized wires that connects your car's components and accessories to a power source. With a damaged or faulty wire harness, your car's gadgets and accessories will be practically useless. To prevent this from happening, it would be best to repair even the smallest glitch right away.

Wiring Harness Diagnosis

A single malfunctioning wire can already affect your overall driving experience. To prevent this from happening, you'd better find the source of damage immediately to get it fixed.

Step 1: Before you begin the test, make sure that your engine is turned off and that the key is not in the ignition.

Step 2: Once your car is secure, separate the wires of the harness by cutting outside. As soon as you have them separated, look for physical signs of damage such as burns. You could also smell the wires and see if any of them smells burnt.

Step 3: After that, run your fingers along the wires and watch out for any breaks, lumps, breaks, or splits that can be felt through the covering of the insulation.

Step 4: If you're not able to see, smell, or feel any signs of damage in the wiring harness, you can proceed to the next test using an ohm meter.

Step 5: To start the test, turn the meter on and put the two leads together. As soon as the leads are together, observe the numbers on the meter. If the meter display a huge or infinite number of ohms, your wires are fine. However, if they are very low and differing, then the wire you are testing is probably bad.

Wiring a Car Stereo

Here's a quick and general guide on how to wire a new car stereo.

Step 1: To begin the wiring process, check out the instructional guide that comes with the car stereo and wiring harness that you bought. Study the instructions carefully and remember which wire matches which.

Step 2: Once you get the hang of it, remove the pre-cut insulation ends of the stereo and harness.

Step 3: Next, use a wire crimper to crimp the radio's harness and then slide your vehicle's new harness with it. Make sure you crimp the wires firmly.

Step 4: After that, use a plastic zip tie to secure the loosely connected wires.

Step 5: As soon as the wiring harness and the radio are secure, use the crimp tool to cut the ends of the zip ties.