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Eight Compelling Reasons to Choose Subaru: A Driver’s Perspective

Contributed By Denis Flierl

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Denis Flierl has been involved in the auto industry for over 30 years in various professional roles. Most recently, he focused on the Subaru brand as a 12-year senior writer at Torque News. He enjoys bringing you, the Subaru fans and customers, the most up-to-date Subaru news, reviews, and new model information. Follow Denis on The Dirty Subaru website, Dirty Subaru blog, SubaruReport, AllSubaru, and WRX STI News X social media. Also Facebook, @DenisFlierl, and Instagram for his daily reports!

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Subaru, a brand renowned for its distinctive blend of safety, performance, and environmental consciousness, continues to draw loyal fans worldwide. For those contemplating the merits of purchasing a Subaru—be it the Outback, Forester, Crosstrek, or another model—I present eight compelling reasons, based on personal experience and research, about why a Subaru might just be the vehicle you’re seeking.

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive: A hallmark of Subaru, the symmetrical all-wheel-drive system is not only standard across all models but also boasts over 50 years of engineering finesse. This proven system enhances stability, traction, and confidence across varied terrains and weather conditions; a testament to Subaru’s pioneering spirit in all-wheel-drive technology.

Unmatched Safety Credentials: Subaru’s unwavering commitment to safety is evident in every model’s design and features. Each vehicle in Subaru’s lineup has garnered Top Safety Pick+ or Top Safety Pick accolades from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The brand’s innovative EyeSight driver assist technology, now a standard feature in all 2024 models, significantly contributes to occupant safety during a collision.

The Unique Boxer Engine: The Subaru Boxer engine, with its horizontally opposed piston design, sits lower in the vehicle chassis. This unique configuration not only reduces the vehicle’s center of gravity for enhanced stability and performance but also sets Subaru apart in the automotive landscape.

All-Terrain and All-Weather Capability: Subaru SUVs are designed for adventure, boasting ground clearance that rivals and surpasses many competitors. Features like X-Mode enhance the vehicles’ capability in extreme weather and terrain, making Subaru a go-to choice for the adventurous and those living in regions prone to inclement weather.

Spacious Cargo Areas and Practical Features: Subaru SUVs excel in providing ample cargo space, complemented by standard roof rails for additional outdoor equipment transport. This practicality underscores Subaru’s appeal to those who lead active lifestyles, offering versatility for everything from daily commuting to weekend escapades.

Community and Environmental Commitment: Subaru’s dedication to social and environmental causes, including support for local community programs and wildlife conservation efforts, resonates with consumers seeking brands that align with their values. Subaru of Indiana Automotive’s zero-waste manufacturing plant, for example, exemplifies the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Value and Affordability: In a market where the average new car transaction price exceeds $48,000, Subaru stands out for its value proposition, with an average MSRP around $36,000. Current market conditions and Subaru’s promotional incentives make it an opportune time to invest in a new Subaru model.

Exceptional Resale Values: Subaru vehicles are renowned for their high resale values, a factor that can significantly impact the total cost of ownership. The brand’s reputation for reliability and all-wheel-drive capability contributes to strong demand in the used market, ensuring that Subaru owners can expect excellent return value when it’s time to upgrade.

In conclusion, choosing a Subaru means investing in a vehicle engineered with care, precision, and an eye toward the future. Whether drawn to the brand’s safety record, the unique Boxer engine, or Subaru’s environmental stewardship, there’s no denying the multifaceted appeal of these all-wheel-drive models. As we continue to monitor the evolution of Subaru’s lineup, the reasons to drive a Subaru only grow more compelling.