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American Ironhorse Parts and Accessories

JC Whitney offers a wide range of American Ironhorse parts and American Ironhorse accessories. Choose from the products or categories below to narrow the available selection of American Ironhorse parts. With our industry leading 30-day Guarantee on all of our American Ironhorse parts and accessories, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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American IronHorse: A Leader in American Custom Choppers

The United States has been home to many rugged motorcycle brands, and one brand that lives up to its name is the American IronHorse. Founded in 1995 by Tim Edmundson and Bill Rucker, American IronHorse was one of the leading manufacturers of custom motorcycles in the USA. In fact, the Forth Worth, Texas-based manufacturer was once the biggest makers of custom choppers in all of America. The company makes almost all the American Ironhorse parts of its bikes in-house, with the exception of the engines since these are made by S&S.

Softail specialist

American IronHorse specializes in manufacturing 'softail' choppers. These motorcycles feature a hidden rear suspension whose shock absorbers, springs, and swing-arm frame are hidden from view to give the bike that classic hardtail look. This gives softail motorcycles the rugged stylings of a hardtail motorcycle without having to deal with the discomfort caused by a lack of rear suspension.

Today, American IronHorse offers a sizable selection of softail models, ranging from the chunky Bandera softail to the slimmer, more aggressive outlines of the Texas Chopper. And true to their softail designation, each one has American IronHorse parts that have discreet shocks and swing arms, making them especially suitable for long trips which in true hardtails could lead to a painful ride.

The Slammer

While it is highly regarded for its softails, American IronHorse is arguably best known for its Slammer chopper. As its name implies, the American IronHorse Slammer has a distinct low, stretched look, completely eschewing the tall, raked appearance. The Slammer also has a special rear swing arm, which reduces vibrations from road irregularities thanks to an adjustable air-ride suspension and a strutless rear fender, which gives the bike a clean, streamlined appearance. A pair of telescopic forks also adorns the front of Slammers, which is angled at 42 degrees for added convenience to the rider.

Other features of the American IronHorse Slammer, which are also found in other motorcycles made by the manufacturer, include a drive pulley and brake rotor design similar to that of the wheels, a drivetrain consisting of a 6-speed transmission and a 2-into-1 exhaust system, and a digital speedometer with a built-in bar-graph tachometer. These specifications, coupled with the high degree of craftsmanship invested by American IronHorse on each bike, have made the Slammer win numerous awards including the 2007 Bike of the Year by V-Twin magazine.

S&S Engine Technology

Key to what made American IronHorse motorcycles so popular is because they use S&S motorcycle engines. A specialist in performance replacement engines for American v-twin motorcycles, S&S Cycle uses a proprietary pushrod v-twin engine technology, named the X-Wedge, which incorporates a wider cylinder angle than those found in stock v-twin motorcycle engines resulting in a more optimum performance.

Aside from increased horsepower output, S&S motorcycle engines are surprisingly environmentally friendly. In fact these engines were among the first to comply with the environmental standards imposed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency on motorcycle engines. The engines can also be made to comply with TÜ standards and California's unique emissions requirements.


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