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Car Electronics - Car Audio Electronics & Auto Electronics

Take a look at our selection of Audio, Video & Electronics products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Audio, Video & Electronics. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.

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196 available products in Audio, Video & Electronics

Audio, Video & Electronics gadgets from JC Whitney’s huge assortment are designed to make your journeys more safe, comfortable and enjoyable. Amplifiers & Equalizers boost the power of your sound system without sacrificing music quality and adjust to different frequencies to create the sound you want. Audio Players & Changers allow you to hear the music better than before. They include Radios with Cassette Players, MP3 Players & Cd players, MP3 Cd Changers, Vintage Look Custom Fit Radios, Satellite Radios and Portable Audio Systems.

Pest Repellers help keep mosquitoes, rats, squirrels, roaches and ants away without chemicals and are a must for garages, shops and homes. Ultrasonic Pest Repellers produce barely audible ultrasonic sound safe for humans and household pets but repellent to mosquitoes. Radar Detectors from our collection of Audio, Video & Electronics equipment maximize your awareness of the driving environment by warning you of approaching emergency vehicles and road hazards.

Our selection of Audio, Video & Electronics equipment also includes Antennas, CB, Scanners & 2-way Radios, Converters, Inverters, Outlets, Mobile & In Dash Video, Portable Electronics & More, Sound & Cellular Accessories, Speakers & Accessories and Stereo Accessories & Cables. You can opt for Audio, Video & Electronics from renowned brands like Sony, Canon, Sirius, Pyramid and Cobra.


Audio, Video & Electronics

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  Make Your Journey Safe and Enjoyable
Types of Audio, Video & Electronics
Make Your Journey Safe and Enjoyable

Audio, Video & Electronics from JC Whitney include Amplifiers & Equalizers, Antennas, Audio Players & Changers, CB, Scanners & 2-way Radios, Converters, Inverters, Outlets, Mobile & In Dash Video, Pest Repellers, Portable Electronics, Radar Detectors, Sound & Cellular Accessories, Speakers & Accessories and Stereo Accessories & Cables.

Amplifiers & Equalizers adjust to different frequencies helping create the sound you want in your vehicle. You can select Antennas that will provide you the best reception.

Audio Players & Changers make great replacements for your vehicle's damaged or old parts. They are extremely durable and stylish. You can improve transmission and reception in your vehicle's Radio with the help of CB, Scanners & 2-way Radios.

Mobile & In Dash Video are perfect replacements for your vehicle's old monitors and DVD players. You can opt for Pest Repellers that produce an ultrasonic sound that help drive away pests. They are inaudible to human ears.

Portable Electronics & More offer excellent picture quality and are equipped with effective resolution. You can also choose Sound & Cellular Accessories that let you talk safely on your cell phone while driving. They offer you exceptional sound quality.

Speakers & Accessories are perfect upgrades for your old or damaged Speakers & Accessories. You can also find Stereo Accessories and Cables that make great additions to your vehicle's music system.

Types of Audio, Video & Electronics

Amplifiers & Equalizers

Amplifiers & EqualizersAmplifiers are designed to deliver amazing audio power. These Amplifiers also offer thermal overload and short circuit protection to survive the rigors of the road.

Equalizers enhance the quality of sound output of your sound system. They help fine tune your sound system and provide you with the best sound effects.


AntennasAntennas from JC Whitney make perfect replacements for damaged or defective originals. Some of these Antennas can be bent helping prevent damage from overhead obstructions and car washes.

Audio Players & Changers

Audio Players & ChangersHD Tuners from our collection of Audio Players & Changers are compatible with CD-R/CD-RW, MP3/WMA encoded and CD-R/RW playback. You can select Portable Audios that plug easily into a cigarette lighter with an AC adapter.

Radios with Cassette Players add better sound quality to your vehicle. Some of these Radios with Cassette Players feature anti-theft pull-out chassis, nighttime illumination, an auto-reverse tape play, a mute button and volume control. You can choose Radios with CD & MP3 Players that can play all CDs including MP3/WMA encoded discs.

Remote-mount CD & MP3 Changers are compatible with CD/CD-R/CD-RW. You can go for Satellite Radios that feature easy plug and play installation. They come with a wired FM direct connection adapter for an improved audio reception on your satellite radio.

Vintage-look Custom-fit Radios come with all the updated features making them the best in the market. You can also find Radios with CD, Cassette & MP3 Players that have a 7-mode spectrum analyzer that dynamically displays moving patterns. They also feature an auto reverse cassette player with full logic deck mechanism.

CB, Scanners & 2-way Radios

CB, Scanners & 2-way RadiosYou can opt for 2 Way Radios from our collection of CB, Scanners & 2-way Radios that provide clear, crisp and convenient communication. They feature technology that helps remove annoying background noise. They are built to last and are an excellent way to communicate with your family, friends or work associates.

CB Hand Held Radios allow much better and powerful transmission. They offer clearer and cleaner sound with less noise.

CB Mobiles deliver 4-Watt output power offering maximum communication range. They include hardware and manual for quick installation. You can also find Weather Scanners that keep you informed of hazardous weather or disasters while traveling, camping or hunting.

Converters, Inverters, Outlets

Converters, Inverters, OutletsYou can choose Power Converters, Power Inverters, Power Outlets & Adapters and Surge Protectors from our wide range of Converters, Inverters and Outlets. Power Converters come with solid-state integrated circuitry with heavy-duty capacitors, built-in overload protection and auto reset easy to use. These Power Converters are completely portable and easy to store.

Power Inverters can be plugged into your cigarette lighter or clamp directly to your RV battery. They safely power up any size device or appliances. You can also opt for Power Outlets & Adapters that work best with 6- and 12-volt accessories. They feature a fuse in tip that helps protect you against shorts.

Surge Protectors come with a battery analyzer that flashes before battery runs low to make starts smoother and easier. They can be easily plugged into a cigarette lighter receptacle.

Mobile & In Dash Video

Mobile & In Dash VideoMobile & In Dash Video from JC Whitney include Ceiling Mount Flip Down Monitors, Headrest-Mount Monitors, In Dash Receiver with DVD & Monitor, In-Dash Mount DVD Players, Monitors and Portable and Remote Video that offer you with a great viewing experience.

Ceiling Mount Flip Down Monitors let you enjoy viewing even after sundown. You can go for Headrest-Mount Monitors that feature high brightness, wide viewing angle, full-function remote with OSD and two Video inputs and one audio input. They mount easily to any headrest in any vehicle.

In Dash Receiver with DVD & Monitors allow you to watch videos and view pictures. You can also find In-Dash Mount DVD Players that feature a built-in screen saver, RCA A/V output, multi-language menu, LCD backlit digital display, multi-angle viewing control, frame by frame and slow motion feature.

Monitors from JC Whitney come with a universal headrest mounting bracket, universal stand style mounting bracket, headrest mounting shroud and sun visor mounting shroud. You can now perfectly replace existing passenger and driver side sun visors with no hassles, cutting or modifications with the help of Sun Visor Players, Monitors & Mounts from our collection.

Portable and Remote Videos feature vertical hold brightness and contrast adjustments for TV. They come with a compass, thermometer and a removable flashlight. These Portable and Remote Videos are DVD/VCD/CD/CD-R/RW compatible.

Pest Repellers

Pest RepellersPest Repellers keep you and your family free from insects and rodents without the use of sticky lotions, dangerous traps and toxic poisons. They emit an ultrasonic signal as you drive to warn animals of your approach. These Pest Repellers also help prevent animal-vehicle accidents.

Radar Detectors

Radar DetectorsRadar Detectors detect all radar, laser and safety warnings, as well as all VG-2 and VG-3, within 3-1/2 highway miles. They also enable detectors to scan 2-4 times faster and detect POP radar with an 80% probability.

Some of these Radar Detectors provide independent alerts for all speed monitoring and Safety Alert signals in an easily recognizable digital text.

Sound & Cellular Accessories

Sound & Cellular AccessoriesCellular Phone Accessories feature echo cancellation and noise suppression ensuring you have clearer conversations. They clip easily onto your visor for easy access. You can now record voice messages up to 20 seconds long with the help of Handheld Recorders. They are small enough to fit into your pocket.

iPOD & MP3 Accessories improve the sound quality of your iPod, MP3 or CD player or any other portable music device. You can select PDA Accessories that are ideal to be used with GPS navigation and other portable media devices. These PDA Accessories feature lateral heads that adjust to the left or right for optimal viewing.

Radio & Amplifier Accessories produce louder, clearer and better sound. They allow you play your portable iPod, DVD, CD, cassette player, TV, MP3 or minidisc through vehicle's Radio.

Speakers & Accessories

Speakers & AccessoriesJC Whitney stocks Speakers and Accessories like Sound Bars, Speaker Boxes and Enclosures, Speaker Systems & Kits, Speakers, Subwoofers, Tweeters, Weather Speakers, Woofers. You can choose Sound Bars that make listening to music more enjoyable and relaxing. These Sound Bars produce amazing sound and look great.

You can now upgrade your vehicle's stereo system with incredible sound with the help of Speaker Boxes and Enclosures. They come in a slim, angled design making them ideal for your vehicle.

You can also go for Speaker Systems & Kits that provide throbbing bass, rich mid-tones and sparkling high frequencies. These Speaker Systems & Kits can be mounted high-up to ensure that music will not get lost in the back or the upholstery.

Speakers are designed to provide distortion free sound and superior reproduction of all frequencies at any volume. They come with hardware and instruction included. You can opt for Subwoofers that provide boom and excitement to your vehicle's sound system. They can handle massive amounts of power ensuring bone jarring yet distortion free bass.

Tweeters from JC Whitney enhance high-frequency performance and add depth to instrumental and voice performance.

Stereo Accessories & Cables

Stereo Accessories & CablesStereo Accessories & Cables from JC Whitney include Cables, Headphones, Noise Eliminators and Radio Install Kits that make great additions to your vehicle's music system. You can select Cables from our collection that allows you to get the most of your vehicle or home stereo system.

Headphones provide comfortable entertainment experience. You can now eliminate all electrical noise from alternators, fan motors, ignitions and generators with the help of Noise Eliminators from JC Whitney.

Radio Install Kits from JC Whitney work with all after-market Radios. They feature black ABS plastic faceplate, brackets, mounting hardware and instructions, for simple and quick installation.


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