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Bed Tents & Chairs parts and accessories

Specialized Bed Tents & Chairs allow you to enjoy your camping trips and tailgate parties in a safer and more comfortable way. Here at JC Whitney, our heavy-duty Bed Tents & Chairs are available at only half of their suggested retail prices at other stores! Plus, we ship within 24 hours, so expect to receive your order in a jiffy. Check out our Bed Tents & Chairs catalog now.

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    Create a comfortable, relaxing sleeping area in just 10 minutes! Sportz Truck Tent is the easiest way to sleep high and dry off the cold... more

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    NAIPER SPORTZ TAILGATE TENT. Made of durable, water-repellent nylon with rip-stop polyurethane floor. Features a Sportz exclusive-a patented... more

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    SPORTZ DOME-TO-GO TENT. Relaxing travel comfort everywhere you go! Designed for compact vehicles with hatchbacks and station wagons. Patented... more

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It’s a great day of camping: the tent is set up, the food is ready, you and your friends are having fun—when suddenly, you feel bugs crawling up your leg. These kinds of inconveniences ruin your day of relaxation. In fact, some people are literally attacked by animals like raccoons. Wouldn’t it be great to camp on your truck bed safe from all the creatures on the ground? You can now do that with JC Whitney’s wide range of Bed Tents & Chairs.

Bed Tents & Chairs make your camping trips and tailgate parties safer and more fun. A bed tent is specially designed to fit your truck bed like a glove. It shields you from wind, rain, bugs and other elements while providing excellent ventilation. It’s a cozy shelter than you can also use to protect important cargo on your truck bed. Here at JC Whitney, we also have specially constructed chairs that’ll securely fit on your truck bed or mount on your tailgate. These chairs allow you to sit on your bed or tailgate without your back aching. Browse our catalog today for the best Bed Tents & Chairs in the market.

JC Whitney is the perfect place to shop for auto supplies as we’ve been in the business since 1915. We have the best deals for Bed Tents & Chairs ‘cause our world-class products are available for only 50% of their suggested retail prices elsewhere! We also ship within 24 hours, so you’ll receive your item very shortly after you order. Go ahead and browse our catalog today.