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Brake Disc and Pad Kit

When shopping for a new Brake Disc and Pad Kit for your repairs, you can always trust JC Whitney to deliver what you need. We have one of the widest selections of high-quality parts from no less than the best brands in the industry. Shop now and get the right Brake Disc and Pad Kit with the perfect fit for your ride!

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Brake Disc and Pad Kit: How Do You Find the Right One for Your Car?

If you ever hear any squeaking or grinding noise or feel vibrations from your car's front end when you step on the brakes, don't just shrug things off. Your brake pad may already be wearing thin or your brake disc is already warped, in which case you'll have to get a new brake disc and pad kit as soon as possible.

As you search for a new brake disc and pad kit, it helps if you get familiar with the different types of brake pads and the various brake disc designs.

Different types of brake pads


Ceramic brake pads are made from combined filler materials and ceramic fibers. Though they provide optimum braking performance, they don't cause wear on the rotor. They're not only quieter but also cleaner than other types. Unfortunately, these pads are quite expensive.


Semi-metallic brake pads are 30% to 65% metal. They're also made from other materials like wool, wire, copper, steel, and other metal types. Semi-metallic pads are known for their durability. However, they make rotors wear out faster. These brake pads are also not the best options for vehicles that travel around cold places or locations with really low temperatures.

Non-asbestos organic (NAO)

NAO brake pads are made from fiber, glass, Kevlar, and rubber, all organic materials. Compared to other types of brake pads, they're much softer. Too much noise is not a problem with them. The downside, however, is that they produce a lot of dust and wear out faster.

Low-metallic NAO

Aside from the pads' organic formula, a dash of copper or steel is also added to the mixture. The addition of these materials enables better heat transfer and improved braking ability. However, these pads produce some brake dust and also make some noise.

Different brake disc designs


The vented design allows air to dissipate excess heat from braking. These discs are best for stop-and-go driving. That's why they're highly recommended to vehicles that often travel around cities with heavy traffic or in highly congested areas.


The dimples help alleviate unwanted stress on discs, preventing the discs from cracking easily. Dimpled discs are not only used in racing vehicles. They're also best used in vehicles that travel long distances. Because of their design, sudden stops won't easily cause the discs to get stressed or to wear out easily. They're very flexible and can be used for all-weather driving.


The slots let in cool air to circulate around the discs, which breaks the heat and water buildup. Slotted discs are able to minimize brake fade. They can also prevent the accumulation of rust and debris on the brakes, ensuring optimum braking performance.

Getting the right brake disc and pad kit for your vehicle

Knowing the different types of brake pads and brake disc designs should help you pick the right brake disc and pad kit for your auto. Consider your driving habits, the weather in the area where you live in, and the places where the vehicle is frequently driven in order to find the best replacement. Make sure that the brake disc and pad kit suits the specific needs of your vehicle as well as your driving habits.


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