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Carburetor - Carburetors & Carburetor Parts

Take a look at our selection of Carburetors & Accessories products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Carburetors & Accessories. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.

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Carburetors & Accessories from JC Whitney’s collection of Air Intake and Fuel Systems help increase engine performance and improve gas mileage. Now you can replace or upgrade your existing Carburetor with top quality Carburetor Kits & Accessories, Replacement Carburetors and Performance Carburetors.

Performance Carburetors from our collection of Carburetors & Accessories are designed to just bolt on and go! These Performance Carburetors are dyno-tested, street proven and calibrated specifically for optimal street performance. They are the best thing to happen to off-road trucks since a 4WD.

If you are on the look out to repair or replace your existing carburetor, then JC Whitney’s top selection of Replacement Carburetors and Carburetor Rebuild Kits are just what you need. Our range of Carburetors & Accessories includes Replacement Carburetors that directly replace the existing carburetors and do not require any modifications. Carburetor Rebuild Kits provide you with everything you require to repair a leaky carburetor and get your carburetor working as good as new.

That’s not all, our list of Carburetors & Accessories also provide you with a choice of getting maximum torque and power for your vehicle in an inexpensive way. Check out our selection of Carburetor Kits & Accessories that help improve the quality of air/fuel mixture to optimize the combustion and the torque output. These Carburetor Kits & Accessories ensure the smooth transition of fuel from the carburetor to the intake manifold for better performance.

We stock Carburetors & Accessories from popular brands such as Scat, Patriot, Proform, Holley, EMPI and Dorman.


Carburetors & Accessories Research Guide

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  Pump-up Your Vehicle Engine with Carburetors & Accessories
Types of Carburetors & Accessories
Pump-up Your Vehicle Engine with Carburetors & Accessories

Carburetors & Accessories from JC Whitney maximize torque and engine power. They are powered with features like precise fuel metering for monster low-end torque, awesome acceleration and unmatched to-end horsepower. You can choose from our line of durable Carburetor Kits & Accessories, Performance Carburetors and Replacement Carburetors available from top brands.

Performance carburetors give you maximum performance with outstanding throttle response, drivability and great looks. They have a unique design that allows you to just bolt it on and go! Many years of engineering and testing go into each Performance carburetor at JC Whitney. These carburetors also increase fuel flow, improve acceleration and prevent flat spots common to stock carburetors.

Replacement carburetors help upgrade your engine performance and improve the mileage of your vehicle. They are disassembled, cleaned and remanufactured using factory-authorized methods. Worn parts and failure-prone parts are even replaced with new parts. Carburetor rebuild kits give you everything you need to rebuild a leaky carburetor and restore proper operation! What is more, these carburetors and Carburetor kits can be installed quickly and easily.

Types of Carburetors & Accessories

Carburetor Kits & Accessories

Carburetor Kits & AccessoriesCarburetor Kits & Accessories from our collection are designed for different types of vehicles and include all the hardware and instructions for easy installation. Heavy-Duty Throttle Cable Kits are ideal for all your Beetles, Dune Buggies and Sand Rails. They come with unique cables that feature a different throttle-pedal connector on each end. These multi-strand cables are thicker, stronger and built to reduce breakage problems common with single strand cables. These Throttle Cable Kits also include cable adapters for easy hookup to the carburetor.

You can also go for complete Carburetor Rebuild Kits that consist of everything needed to rebuild a leaky carburetor and restore proper operation. Throttle Cable Kits help eliminate chafing and broken stock throttle cables and are built for all Type I Beetles, Karmann Ghias, Baja Bugs and Dune Buggies.

Choke Conversion Kits contribute to easy Automatic-To-Manual conversions in your vehicle's carburetor. They eliminate sticking chokes for improved fuel efficiency and for a more positive manual control from the driver's seat. These kits are designed specially for all carbureted and throttle-body-injected vehicles like your Cars and Trucks.

JC Whitney also stocks Fresh Air Intake Hoses, Carburetor Pre-Heater Hoses, Idle Cutoff Valves, Replacement Throttle and Choke Control Cables, Throttle Cable Extender and Repair Kits, Cable Shortening and Repair Kits, Swirl-Torque Carburetor Spacers, Carburetor Installation Kits, Heater Hose Connectors and many more products for the smooth running of your carburetor.

Performance Carburetors

Performance CarburetorsPerformance Carburetors from JC Whitney are built to offer unbelievable performance even while off-roading and towing! 390 CFM 4-BBL. Carburetors are calibrated for small-displacement V8s and 6-cylinders. They include electric choke, single-feed/side-hung float bowls, universal throttle lever and vacuum secondaries.

Street Avenger Carburetors are available in a square bore bolt pattern and are designed to run right out of the box. They are designed, dyno tested, street proven and calibrated specifically for optimal street performance. These carburetors come with tunable air and fuel idles that provide crisper acceleration and electric chokes that give a cleaner, smoother warm-up in all temperatures.

You can also get Jeep® Weber Carburetor Conversion Kits that easily replace your vehicle's stock and progressive 2-bbl. Carter carburetor. They are powered for more power and torque, improved gas mileage, easier starts and smoother idle. These kits also include mounting hardware, fittings and detailed instructions for easy installation.

You can find other types of Performance Carburetors like Dual Brosol/Solex Carburetor Kits with Electronic Chokes, Carburetor Rebuilding Kits, Carburetor Repair Kits, Truck Avenger Performance Carburetors, Ultra Carburetors, Hp Dual Carburetor Kits, Solex Carburetors and more from renowned brands at our collection.

Replacement Carburetors

Replacement CarburetorsWe also stock Replacement Carburetors that help restore operating efficiency of your vehicle's engine. They are made to fit most American Cars, Trucks and Jeeps®. You can go for Replacement Carburetors for your VW that improve gas mileage and come with electromagnetic choke and gaskets for automatic or standard transmission.

You can easily replace malfunctioning originals in your Cars and Trucks with these top-quality Replacement Carburetors. They restore power and pep, improve gas mileage plus ensure easier starts and smoother idle and acceleration. These ready-to-install carburetors are re-engineered to meet or exceed OE specifications.

You can choose from Domestic Reman Carburetors and Throttle Body, Jeep® Replacement Carburetors, Weber Progressive 2-bbl. Carburetor Kits, New Stock Replacement Carburetors for Jeep CJ and Grand Wagoneer SJ, Import Reman Carburetors and Lo-Rider Avenger Carburetors at JC Whitney.


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