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Give your car an effective protection–not from malaria-carrying mosquitoes–but from scratches, intense rain and sunlight, and dust with car cover accessories. Leaving your car outside the garage is one big mistake if you don’t have it covered, so get your accessories from us now and enjoy huge discounts! There are warehouses near you to hasten the deliveries, order now!

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    CAR COVER STORAGE BAGS. Great way to keep your car cover dust-free when not on your vehicle. Save space — compact way to hold your... more

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    Maximize your Jeep’s performance and style without breaking the bank with Car Cover Locks by Rugged Ridge. more

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You don’t know what goes through into the night. There are things out there we just can’t explain, so before you see your lovely car the next morning full of scratches without any lead to find out who the culprit is, get some car cover accessories now.

You see, leaving your car in an open parkway for a long period may not sound so good. You might find lost cats with sharp claws sliding with a mocking smile on the hood. Even a dog that pees on your tires may prove to be the worst turn off when your girlfriend starts to notice the smell. Car cover accessories are made from high quality fabrics that do not get torn apart easily, providing maximum protection for your vehicle even in harsh–more so wild–environments. Most cover accessories are also UV protected to make sure that your paint job is well protected from highly dangerous conditions.

You surely don’t want to find your car all messed up. If you don’t have enough yet for a new garage, at least get some car cover accessories to keep your car protected even in the darkest nights. Sounds like a horror flick? Well, you can keep the horrible morning sights by shopping for new car cover accessories here at JC Whitney. We also have ATV Covers and UTV covers in store, well fitting whatever vehicle you may have. Order now!