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When it comes to heavy hardware, JC Whitney is surely your best dealer with its large selection of auto parts. From differentials to all kinds of shafts, you can find them in our online catalog. With the best quality and the lowest prices, shopping with us will surely bring more value for your money and your time. Get your differentials components from us now!

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You are surely proud of your 6-cylinder, 200 horsepower car. With all the power it produces, there is surely nothing on your face but a long grin matched with focused eyes as you hear the engine roar each time you press the throttle. However, when you had the gears on move, your car kind of didn’t live up to its promises. The torque is missing and there’s an ugly sound coming from the rear. Back at the garage, you checked the driveshaft and found that the differential is the main culprit.

Differentials can be dislocated, resulting to poor transfer of torque to the axles and the fast deterioration of the gears. Repairing and replacing differentials is not one of the easiest, but can still be done with patience and precision even for starters. Differentials need careful measurements when being repaired, particularly on angles that directly affect the transfer of torque to the rear wheels.

Here at JC Whitney, you can easily find high quality components of differentials to help you repair your vehicle without spending much. You don’t have to hire the local mechanic to do it for you. With the right parts on hand, do the repairs yourself and save up on cash. So what else would you need? Check our online catalog and order from us now!