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Door, Trunk & Hood Hardware parts and accessories

Take a look at our selection of Door, Trunk & Hood Hardware products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Door, Trunk & Hood Hardware. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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    Crown Automotive is renowned for manufacturing the highest quality OEM replacement parts for Jeeps from 1942 to the present model year more

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    Garage-Pro Direct Fit Door Hinge is the most affordable door handle hinge for old, worn-out, or damaged factory part!This is the perfect... more

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    HOOD LATCH. Made from aircraft-quality aluminum. This product is a high quality, direct fit hood latch set. more

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    Dorman OE Replacement Door Hinge are the ideal spare part or product of choice if it is time to replace those faulty door hinge. It's designed... more

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    Daystar Hood Latches is designed to change those stretch-prone and weak rubbers. These are created using polyurethane material that has... more

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    Garage-Pro Direct Fit Hood Latch is the most affordable hood latch for old, worn-out, or damaged factory part!Hood latch tend to wear out... more

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Door Hardware, Trunk Hardware & Hood Hardware from JC Whitney’s wide collection of Body Repair Parts help restore the smooth functioning of your vehicle’s door, trunk and hood ensuring safety and security. Door Hardware like Door Handles, Door Hinges and Door Locks make perfect replacements for worn and damaged originals to restore latching function. Our collection of Trunk Hardware & Hood Hardware includes Trunk Hinges, Hood Hinges, Trunk Locks and Hood Locks that not only restore original operation but also restore the original looks of your vehicle’s trunk and hood. JC Whitney stocks Door, Trunk & Hood Hardware like Door Striker Bolts, Lid Pins and more from Cipa, Buyer Products, Electric-Life, Bugpack and many other notable brands.

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Door, Trunk & Hood Hardware

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  Secure Your Vehicle With Exterior Hardware!
Security For All Sides Of Your Vehicle!
Types of Door, Trunk & Hood Hardware
Selecting Door, Trunk And Hood Hardware
Caring For Door, Trunk And Hood Hardware
Secure Your Vehicle With Exterior Hardware!

Have you left your vehicle vulnerable to thieves? Rusty and worn exterior hardware make it easier for them to break into your vehicle. So if you're trying to save a few bucks by managing with loose handles, locks and hinges think again! At JC Whitney you get high quality Door, Trunk and Hood Hardware that provide long-lasting security and style.

You can replace broken or dangling Door Hardware, Trunk Hardware and Hood Hardware for better convenience and security. They generally have a rust-resistant coating and are made of high quality satin stainless steel, mirror polished stainless steel or chrome plate materials. You can select a powder-coated, matte or polished finish to give the exterior of your vehicle a sleek appearance.

You can stop those annoying rattles and prevent sudden opening of doors and hood with Door Striker Bolts and Hood Locks. Black powder-coated, stainless steel and chrome-plated Hinges are custom-made to fit as perfectly as the originals. Replace old deck-lid pins with Quick Release Lid Pins for faster and easy access to your engine compartments.

Security For All Sides Of Your Vehicle!

It is imperative that you secure your vehicle properly to keep thieves away and also prevent on-road mishaps. All kinds of Door, Trunk and Hood Hardware are available for complete security of your vehicle.

Types of Door, Trunk & Hood Hardware

Door Striker Bolts for Ford and Chevy Pickups

Door Striker BoltsA Door Striker Bolt is a safety device that keeps your vehicle doors shut once closed and prevents break-ins or sudden opening of doors while on the road. Damaged Door Striker Bolts need to be replaced to restore proper latching function and also to stop door rattles. They are specially made for Ford and Chevy pickups and fit as perfectly as the originals.

Door, Trunk and Hood Handles for VW, Beetle and Super Beetle

Door, Trunk and Hood HandlesDoor Handles of your vehicle are the most used exterior hardware. They make opening your vehicle door convenient and easy. Door, Trunk and Hood Handles are custom-made for your VW, Beetle and Super Beetle and have easy bolt-on installation. They are chrome-plated to give your vehicle its original look. You can replace rusted ones perfectly to restore their proper functioning.

Door, Trunk and Hood Hinges

Door, Trunk and Hood HingesHinges are flexible hardware that allow opening and closing of the doors, trunk and hood of your vehicle. Door and Trunk Hinges are available in black powder-coated, satin stainless steel and stainless steel materials giving your vehicle the latest look. You can easily install them without any drilling hassles. Tailgate Hinges are custom made to be perfect replacements to damaged originals. Satin stainless steel and primer-coated Steel Hood Hinges prevent rust and corrosion keeping them sparkling for years.

You can also get high quality Hinge Kits with Lid Springs, Hinge Pins, Brackets and Bushings at JC Whitney.

Door, Trunk and Hood Locks

Door, Trunk and Hood LocksDoor, Trunk and Hood Locks are custom made for your Jeep® and are easy to install. You need to replace damaged Door Locks immediately as they make your vehicle easily accessible to strangers. Hood Locks prevent access to batteries, alarm systems and other expensive engine components while Trunk Locks safeguard your luggage and extra tires.

Lid Pins

Lid PinsQuick-Release Lid Pins make it easy to lift the deck lid of your vehicle for fast access to the engine compartment. You can easily replace old-style fixed lid hinge pins with these Quick-Release Lid Pins to enjoy this convenience.

Selecting Door, Trunk And Hood Hardware

While selecting exterior hardware like Door Handles, Hinges and Locks you need to keep in mind the type of vehicle you own. Exterior Hardware is custom-made to suit different kinds of vehicles. Most of the Door, Trunk and Hood Hardware are available in a variety of materials with different designs and finishes. Most of them are made from rust and corrosion-resistant materials to keep them looking like new for a long time. You can choose one that matches your personal style.

The size of the hardware also matters. Big vehicles should have larger and stronger handles and locks to prevent easy breakage.

Caring For Door, Trunk And Hood Hardware

Door, Trunk And Hood Hardware are exterior accessories that give your vehicle a distinct look. You need to clean and maintain them properly to keep your vehicle stylish on the road. Wash them regularly with a mild detergent and brush them to remove grime and add that extra shine. Occasional oiling of these exterior Door, Trunk and Hood Hardware will keep them functioning smoothly for years.

Damaged and rusted Handles, Hinges and Locks could cause security problems. To prevent such issues you need to get Hinges and Locks replaced with adequate hardware that will provide strong and long-lasting protection.

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