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Take a look at our selection of Exhaust Pipes & Tubing products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Exhaust Pipes & Tubing. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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    BOSAL INTERMEDIATE PIPE. Whether you need to replace the muffler, tailpipe, or any other exhaust part, they are made to install perfectly... more

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    Is the tail pipe in your vehicle rusted or leaking? For a relatively low cost, installing a Dynomax Tail Pipe can help to restore your... more

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    EXHAUST CUT-OUT WITH CABLE. Now you can manually control the flow of your vehicle's exhaust either thru the stock exhaust system or straight... more

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    Get more horses from your ride with a set of mandrel-bent aluminized steel Pacesetter Y-pipes, made to fit into the stock exhaust or Pacesetter... more

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    Finish off your exhaust system with Flowmaster tail pipes and cruise with confidence knowing you’re improving your exhaust flow and... more

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    BOSAL TAIL PIPE. Whether you need to replace the muffler, tailpipe, or any other exhaust part, they are made to install perfectly, with... more

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    MBRP Muffler Eliminator Pipe. Made from high grade materials. Gives out extreme performance and sound. MBRP Muffler Eliminator Pipe ensures... more

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    SPECTRE HEADER REDUCERS. Spectre’s no-compromise approach to engineering gaskets means they work the first time. Header, valve cover... more

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    Get better exhaust flow and an aggressive sound by using aFe’s Atlas down pipe, manufactured from pure, mandrel-bent aluminized steel... more

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Exhaust Pipes and Tubing from JC Whitney’s collection of Exhaust & Emissions are ideal for building custom exhaust systems that sound great and perform better. Our list of Exhaust Pipes and Tubing includes Exhaust Cutouts that increase power and adjust the tone while you drive. Our range of Exhaust Pipes and Tubing also includes Universal Pipes, Tubing & Flex-Pipes, Replacement Exhaust Pipes and Crossover Pipes that increase vehicle horsepower and are easy to install. JC Whitney stocks Exhaust Pipes and Tubing products from leading brands such as Patriot™, Heartthrob, Omix® and Dansk Auto part.

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Exhaust Pipes & Tubing

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  Better Performance for Your Vehicle
Types of Exhaust Pipes and Tubing
Better Performance for Your Vehicle

Exhaust Pipes & Tubing from JC Whitney are ideal for building custom exhaust systems that sound great and perform better. You can select Crossover Pipes from our assortment of Exhaust Pipes & Tubing that provide a better and free flow for additional horsepower. They also deliver a more powerful sound.

Cutouts are perfect for customizing exhaust systems. You can now restore flow, horsepower and performance of your vehicle by replacing damaged or malfunctioning original parts with the help of Replacement Pipes at our collection.

Universal Pipes, Tubing & Flex-Pipes add a racy, streamlined look to any vehicle. They also customize your vehicle's exhaust system.

Types of Exhaust Pipes and Tubing

Crossover Pipes

Crossover PipesCrossover Pipes from JC Whitney help increase your vehicle's horsepower. These Crossover Pipes are made of top-quality materials that offer maximum resistance against rust and corrosion. You can opt for Balance Tube Performance Exhaust Kits that help lower back pressure for increased horsepower and torque. Made from 16-gauge aluminized steel tubing, these Performance Exhaust Kits are rust and corrosion resistant. These Kits include two "T" fittings 2-Connector Tubes - one straight, one v-tube, 6 clamps and instructions for easy installation.


CutoutsCutouts from JC Whitney offer more power, higher speed and better gas mileage for your vehicle. You can go for Mandrel-Bent Aluminized Tubing that is made from 16-gauge aluminized steel for durability and strength. You can choose from 45° or 90° mandrel-bent tubing, or 180° mandrel-bent U-bend for precision wrinkle-free bends.

Tight-Radius Mandrel-Bent Aluiminized Steel Tubing is made from heavy-duty aluminized steel that is necessary when building custom headers or exhaust systems.

Replacement Pipes

Replacement PipesReplacement Pipes from JC Whitney help restore original performance and safety. You can choose Replacement Exhaust Pipes for 1945-1971 Jeep that restore the flow, horsepower and performance lost due to damaged or malfunctioning original parts.

Universal Pipes, Tubing & Flex-Pipes

Universal Pipes, Tubing & Flex-PipesJC Whitney also stocks Universal Pipes, Tubing & Flex-Pipes that are strong and durable to use. They are made from high quality materials making them resistant to rust and corrosion. You can opt for Flexible Exhaust Tubing that is made from durable steel that will not rust even in salt water. They are available in both T430 stainless steel and T304 anti-magnetic stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Exhaust Flex Coupler Kits are engineered to isolate vibration generated by the the engine, thereby relieving stress on the entire exhaust system. These Kits are designed to reduce the premature cracking of manifolds and down pipes. They help extend the life of other components. Made of 304 stainless steel, they are strong and durable. These kits come complete with two clamps.

You can also go for Exhaust Side Pipes, Heat Exchanger Eliminator Pipes, T304 Stainless Steel Tubing and Tailpipes from our collection of Universal Pipes, Tubing & Flex-Pipes.