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Hardware & Connectors parts and accessories

Take a look at our selection of Hardware & Connectors products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Hardware & Connectors. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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    4-Seasons A/C O-Ring. Made from premium grade material to help extend service life. The 4-Seasons brand provides climate control products... more

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    AC Delco OE Replacement O-Ring. Made of high quality materials. Meets or exceeds OE standards. Consider AC Delco OE Replacement O-Ring... more

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    Crown Automotive is the go-to company for premium quality factory replacement parts for Jeeps manufactured as far back as 1942. more

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    Specially constructed to match OE specifications of your authentic part. These are ideal replacement when maintaining your vehicle's utmost... more

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    Have it replaced by Evolution Industries the trusted manufacturer of factory replacement bolt that with surely fit like the original part... more

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    Motive Gear Spool. Fully heat treated for extra strength and durability. Precision CNC-machined for minimized deflection and improved ring... more

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    NOVELLO DIRECT FIT BOLT. Available in both Nasty and Vertical Mill Stepped design. more

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    REPLACEMENT WASHER KIT. Omix-ADA houses more than 16,000 unique part numbers from various brands and manufacturers of Jeep products and... more

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Hardware & Connectors from JC Whitney include a range of products that help you in the maintenance and servicing of your vehicle. Hardware & Connectors like Cable Ties help prevent damage from moving parts, hot engine components by bundling wires and hoses. You can use Connectors from JC Whitney when splicing wires for a weather-tight and water-proof connection.

Fasteners from our collection of Hardware & Connectors are perfect upgrades for broken or missing fasteners on door panel and trim, fascia panels and inside trim. We also stock Nuts, Bolts, Screws & Washers that are ideal for car frames, bumpers, large equipment and any fastening jobs subjected to extreme shear force. Our Hardware & Connectors assortment also includes O Ring Kits that are available in several different sizes and Shrink Tubing kits that can be used to add tensile strength to wires and also protect from fraying.

You can also find difficult to get parts like Grommets, Hardware Storage sets, Hose Clamps, Snap Ring Kits, Wire and Terminal Kits that are made from top quality materials making them efficient and long lasting. JC Whitney stocks Hardware & Connectors from renowned brands like Haines, East Penn and EZ-Wire™.


Hardware & Connectors

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  All the Hardware You will Ever Need for Your Garage!
Types of Hardware and Connectors
All the Hardware You will Ever Need for Your Garage!

You can get an entire range of garage Hardware Accessories and Connectors that are perfect for hardware troubleshooting in your garage from JC Whitney. Our vast collection of hardware accessories include Cable Ties, Connectors, Fasteners, Grommets, Hardware Storage, Hose Clamps and many more.

Storage Organizers from JC Whitney help keep your garage more organized and functional. You can choose Cable ties to bundle wires and hoses to prevent damage, fasteners, as well as nuts and bolt kits and terminal kits that come in handy during do-it-yourself mechanic jobs.

All hardware products from JC Whitney are made using top-quality materials to give you lasting performance and durability. You can choose these products based on the usual requirements you have in your garage. Whether you have a major or a minor mechanical problem, these hardware accessories will help make solving the problem easier.

Types of Hardware and Connectors

Cable Ties

Cable TiesCable Ties go a long way in making your vehicle clutter free. You can use these Cable Ties to bundle up wires and hoses and prevent them from getting damaged by hot engine components. The self-locking teeth in the Nylon Cable Ties help tie up the wires and hoses securely without loosening.

You can also get Cable Tie Anchors that help fasten or tie down loose hoses, wires, fuel lines, ropes or even Christmas tree decorations perfectly well. These multipurpose Tie Anchors can also be used under the chassis of a conversion van and RV.


ConnectorsConnectors Kits are a great way to lock out moisture while splicing wires together. They enhance safety and provide weather-tight, waterproof connection easily and effectively. These Connector Kits are ideal for outdoor, under-hood or under-car connections.

Connector Kits are also simple to use -you just need to crimp the connectors to splice the 2 wires together and then heat the special protective covering with a match or lighter. Once heated, the covering will shrink around the wires and the connectors to form strong, water and weather-tight seal. These Heat-Sealed Connector Kits are perfect for electronic work, outdoor lighting around home and automotive wiring for trailer hitches, fog/driving lights or even under-car hookups.

You can also get Vacuum Cap Kits that are perfect to seal vacuum lines, carburetors, firewall and manifolds. They also make great replacements for cracked or missing vacuum caps.


FastenersPlugs, Fasteners and Snaps from JC Whitney come in handy when you need that secure fit for installing grilles, carpeting or any interior or exterior trims. You can get nylon Panel Fasteners that includes 6 most popular styles to suit different makes like Chrysler, Ford and GM. The kit includes 36 fasteners and organizer boxes. They also make perfect replacements for broken or missing fasteners on the door panel and trim, fascia panels and inside trim. We also stock Trim Plug Kits, U-Clip Kit, Nut and Grommet Assortment, Interior/Exterior Fasteners, Pliers Hog Rings Kit, J-Clip Kit and Spring-Nut Kits.


GrommetsNeoprene Grommets protect electrical wires against shorting and chafing while running them through firewalls. These Grommets are a must during electrical wiring jobs and are available in 180-, 360- or 500-piece sets.

Hose Clamps

Hose ClampsHose Clamp Sets can be used to used to attach and seal a hose onto any fitting such as a barb. Hose Clamps from JC Whitney ensure positive pressure around the entire diameter of the hose. They have slotted hex-head screw clamps that can be tightened with a screwdriver or wrench. Hose Clamps are made using durable and lightweight stainless steel. We also stock Stainless Steel Hose Clamp Retaining Straps and Stainless Steel Band Clamps.

Nuts, Bolts, Screws & Washers

Nuts, Bolts, Screws & WashersNuts, Bolts, Screws and Washers may seem insignificant but they are the most indispensable hardware parts in your garage. You can get Heavy-Duty Nuts and Bolt Centers that are ideal for car frames, bumpers and large equipment.

We also stock top quality Nuts and Bolt Centers that come with Machine Bolts, Hex Nuts, Split-Lock Washers, Flat Washers, Storage Bins and Mounting Racks. You can also get Trim Screw Kits that make perfect replacements for OEM screws.

O Ring Kits

O Ring KitsJC Whitney stocks Metric O-Ring Kits that are perfect for gas, air and hydraulic connections. They are available in 36 popular sizes. You can get O-Rings of 45 1.5mm thick, 125 1.6mm thick, 140 2.0mm thick, 90 2.4mm thick, 70 2.5mm thick and 30 3mm. We also stock SAE O-Ring Kits, 200-Piece R134a Freon A/C O-Ring Kits and 226-Piece Double-Seal O-Ring Kits.

Shrink Tubing

Shrink TubingShrink Tubing can be used to add tensile strength to wires and protect them from fraying. They can also be used to cover a number of wires to form a harness. The Tubing will form a protective, insulated, water-resistant covering over wiring splices, crimp terminals and solder connections. The heat shrinks the tubing up to half its original diameter for a snug fit and conforms to objects of nearly any shape. We also stock Heat-Shrinkable Tubing and Heat-Shrinkable Tubing Kits.

Snap Ring Kits

Snap Ring KitsJC Whitney stocks 305-Piece E-Clips and Snap Ring Kits that come with complete assortment of e-clips or snap rings in different sizes. These Kits include E-clips, External Snap Rings and Internal Snap Rings.

Terminal Kits

Terminal KitsWiring Terminal Centers from JC Whitney make strong solder-less connections quickly and effectively. They are perfect for automotive, marine, home and electronic parts. All of these terminals are cast out of pure copper with electro-tin plating. You can also get Wiring Terminal Kits that provide complete protection for wiring and cables.


WireWires from JC Whitney are ideal for home, office, automotive, shops or garage use. You can get Plastic-Insulated Primary Wires that come in a choice of 5 gauges to suit your wiring requirements. They have colorful insulation, which makes it easy to identify and also specialized copper strand wires for reliable current conduction. We also stock Stainless Steel Wire On A Spool, Wiring Fastener and Tie Kit and Primary Wire Assortment that will ensure safe and effective wiring.