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Heating & Air Conditioning parts from JC Whitney help keep the interior of your vehicle cool even in extreme summer temperatures. Choose to stay warm or cool with JC Whitney’s wide range of products such as AC Flush Kits, Air Conditioning Conversion, Air Conditioning Refrigerants & Additives, Air Conditioning Systems, Blower Motors, Condensers, Fans, Defrosters & Ventilation, Heat Exchangers, Heater Accessories, Heaters and Recharge Kits.

AC Flush Kits from our collection of Heating & Air Conditioning parts effectively clean the AC systems without leaving any residue. These Flush Kits help remove excess oil and solid contaminants to avoid component failure. Heating & Air Conditioning systems feature Air Conditioning Conversion systems that make sure your Air Conditioner performs at its best even during peak summer.

Stay warm in your on/or off-road vehicle with these easy to install Heater Kits from JC Whitney’s Heating & Air Conditioning accessories. These Heater Kits keep you comfortable when the weather turns cold. Charge and lubricate your vehicle’s A/C system with multi-purpose leak detecting Refrigerants from our range of Heating & Air Conditioning accessories that help stop most A/C leaks. These A/C Refrigerants are amazingly accurate even when spotting "impossible-to-detect" leaks. Air Conditioner Compressor Kits from our range include everything you need to replace leaking, noisy or lock-up A/C Compressors.

We also stock Heating & Air Conditioning parts such as Air Conditioning Refrigerants & Additives, Blower Motors, Condensers, Fans, Defrosters & Ventilation, Heat Exchangers, Heater Accessories and much more from the leading brands such as Carrier, Interdynamics, SCS Frigette, Crown Automotive, Autotek and Omix Ada®.


Heating & Air Conditioning

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  Travel in Comfort with Heating & Air Conditioning Systems!
Types of Heating & Air Conditioning
Travel in Comfort with Heating & Air Conditioning Systems!

Heating & Air Conditioning equipment from JC Whitney allows you to enjoy your ride even in scorching summers and freezing winters. Our collection offers a huge variety of original-style Heating & Air Conditioning equipment that helps you complete your interior restoration. From AC Flush Kits and Accumulator Receiver Driers to Air Conditioning Systems and Condensers, you can get everything you are looking for at our extensive assortment.

Air Conditioning Conversion and Charging Kits save big on professional labor costs and individual component prices. They easily replace lost and malfunctioning refrigerants in your vehicle's existing R-134a system. Air Conditioning Refrigerant & Additives eliminate odors caused by mold, mildew, smoke, bacteria, algae and cigarette smoke. They also rejuvenate worn air conditioning parts and system seals to stop refrigerant leaks.

You can also find Recharge Kits that contain all the basic parts needed to recharge or retrofit your vehicle's A/C system. Blower Motors, Evaporators, Fans, Defrosters & Ventilation products, Heat Exchangers, Heater Accessories, Heaters and Replacement Compressors are also available for your vehicle. All these Heating & Air Conditioning systems and kits come with all the hardware, wiring and instructions needed for effortless installation.

Types of Heating & Air Conditioning

AC Flush Kits

AC Flush KitsAC Flush Kits from JC Whitney help remove excess oil and solid contaminants to avoid component failure. These Flush Kits are compatible with PAG lubricants, mineral oil and are ozone safe, user friendly and biodegradable. You can also get Refrigerants with Stop Leak, A/C Flush & Clean liquids and Vacuum Pump Tune-Up Kits at our vast collection.

Accumulator Receiver Drier

Accumulator Receiver DrierAccumulator Receiver Driers like Replacement Air Conditioner Accumulator Driers replace broken or malfunctioning units perfectly. They help make sure that all the water and contaminants have been removed from your vehicle's air conditioning system so it can function properly. These Driers are manufactured to meet or exceed original equipment specifications and fit American and Imported Cars, Pickups, SUVs and Vans.

Air Conditioning Conversion

Air Conditioning ConversionAir Conditioning Conversion and Charging Kits make sure your air conditioner is performing at its peak for the summer heat ahead. These 2-way Kits include refrigerant enough to charge most passenger cars, light trucks, etc. They also help convert the Air Conditioning system in your vehicles from costly, ozone-depleting refrigerant to ozone-safe and readily available refrigerant. We also stock R-12 to R-134a Gauge and Hose Conversion Kits, AC - High-Pressure Cut-Out Switch Kits and Complete R-134a Retrofit Kits with In-Line Gauges at JC Whitney.

Air Conditioning Refrigerant & Additives

Air Conditioning Refrigerant & AdditivesAir Conditioning Refrigerant & Additives are the easiest way to charge and lubricate your A/C system! From A/C Odor-Out Cleaner and Deodorizers that leave behind a fresh vanilla scent to Stop Leak and Detectors that stop most AC leaks, you can find an array of Air Conditioning Refrigerant & Additives at our extensive selection at JC Whitney. All these Air Conditioning Refrigerant & Additives are formulated to improve performance in new and old automotive air conditioners.

Air Conditioning System

Air Conditioning SystemJC Whitney also stocks complete Custom In-Dash Air Conditioning Systems that include all in-dash and under-hood components and use ozone-friendly R-134a refrigerant. These A/C Systems come with easy installation features without any modifications! You can also go for Universal Air Conditioning Ceiling Mount Assemblies, Air Conditioning Accumulators, Wall Thermostats Wired A/C Ceiling Assemblies and more from our huge assortment.

Blower Motor

Blower MotorBlower Motors - Heater, Defroster and Air Conditioners come with a permanent-magnet motor that replaces the original motor in your vehicle without any alterations. Heater Blower Motors and Firewall Heater Motor Seals are some other Blower Motors available at JC Whitney.


CondensersCondensers from our large collection help you stay cool in summer and are built to original condenser specification that makes for easy installation. They replace damaged or leaking condensers for more efficient cooling. You can also get handy Air Conditioner Compressor Service Kits that include everything you need to replace leaking, noisy or lock-up A/C compressors.


EvaporatorsEvaporators like Replacement Air Conditioner Evaporators help restore proper cooling and replace old, worn or malfunctioning units perfectly. They are manufactured to meet or exceed OE specifications under certified quality systems.

Fans, Defrosters & Ventilation

Fans, Defrosters & VentilationFans, Defrosters & Ventilation from our collection are an easy, affordable way to enhance travel comfort during summer and winter. They help increase the efficiency of your vehicle heater & air conditioner. You can choose from a variety of high-quality Fans, Defrosters & Ventilation products at JC Whitney like Deflectors, Defrosters, Ducts, Fans, Fresh Air Hoses and Heater & Window Defrosters.

Heat Exchangers

Heat ExchangersHeat Exchangers help stop freezing and restore your vehicle's heating system to tip-top efficiency! These painted steel units also help clear frosted windows for better visibility. You can also get Heat Exchangers, Control Boxes and Eliminator Pipes, Original-Style Side Heat Exchanger Packages, Heater Box Lever Kits and Heat Control Boxes from our wide assortment.

Heater Accessories

Heater AccessoriesHeater Accessories from JC Whitney include Replacement Heater and Defroster Cables that help replace defective or damaged cables and feel the heat once again. You can avail Heater Control Kits that are designed for antique cars, street rods and vans. Some other types of Heater Accessories at our collection include RV Blowout Plugs, Auxiliary Space Heater Installation Kits, Supreme Permanent Bypass Kits for Water Heaters and Replacement Valves, Pump Converter Winterizing Kits.


HeatersHeaters like Adjustable Heaters/ Fans allow you to adjust airflow up or down to direct the warmth or air right where you want it! High-Output Interior Warmers keep your vehicle's interior warm and windows frost free when you're parked. You can also find Heater Craft Heater Kits for On-Road and Off-Road Vehicles, Under-Dash-Mount Heaters with Defroster Duct Hoses, Mojave Heaters and more at our huge selection.

Recharge Kits

Recharge KitsWe also stock Recharge Kits that are the easiest way to recharge and lubricate any R-134a Air Conditioning system! R-134a Refrigerants with Trigger Dispensers make a fast, easy way to fill up your vehicle's A/C system. They come with a reusable dispenser with built-in pressure gauge that fits all R-134a screw-top refrigerant cans.

Replacement Compressors

Replacement CompressorsReplacement Air Conditioner Compressors are run and endurance simulator tested to ensure exceptional performance under varying conditions. They help restore proper vehicle cooling and even make exact replacements for malfunctioning or broken original units in your vehicle.