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Product #: 20386G Brand: Bonded Logic See Product Details
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Priced from: $27.18 - $130.55 See Product Choices
Priced from: $27.18 - $130.55 See Product Choices
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  • Protect your vehicle using the same technology developed by NASA to protect its spacecraft!
  • Lightweight aluminum foil facing reflects 97% of unwanted radiant heat
  • Absorbs noise and protects against air currents and moisture
Durable, long lasting and easy to handle! Insulate your vehicle's floor, doors, side panels, engine compartment and headliner to block uncomfortable radiant heat. 3/8" thick natural fiber padding is fire retardant (carries Class A fire rating and conforms to FMVSS 302) and won't mold or mildew. Comfortable under your feet-won't bunch up or bottom out. Easily trim with scissors to any size or shape. Contact Adhesive (ZX268587) and Aluminum Tape (ZX268588 and ZX268589) sold separately.

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