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Horns parts and accessories

Take a look at our selection of Horns products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Horns. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.

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Horns from JC Whitney’s huge collection are powerful and deliver an ultra-loud sound that’s just impossible to ignore. Fiamm Horns, Wolo Horns, Hadley Horns, Wolo Air Horns, Hadley Horns and Fiamm Horns from our selection are super loud, impact resistant and highly durable. Our assortment of Horns also includes Air Horns, Electric Horns, Electric Air Horns, Horn Accessories, Multi-Sound Horns, Musical Horns, Musical Air Horns, Novelty Horns, Replacement Horns, Siren Horns, Dixie Horns and Compressors and Tanks. You can opt for all these and more from top brands like Grant, Omix Ada®, Garage Pro™, Alpex and Fiamm Technologies.



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  Safe and Sound with Horns!
Types of Horns
Spare A Thought Before You Honk!
Safe and Sound with Horns!

Horns from JC Whitney are a great way to make sure you are heard "loud and clear" in the peak-hour bumper-to-bumper traffic. A good quality horn will help you clear the road ahead by alerting absent-minded pedestrians or bikers who seem hell-bent on taking charge of the road. There are a wide variety of horns available loaded with useful features, so go ahead pick one with a unique sound and get some serious attention on the road.

JC Whitney stocks Car Horns, Van Horns and Truck Horns and Motorcycle Horns. If you want a horn with a loud blast of sound and don't mind the elaborate installation procedures, Air Horns are a great option, but if you prefer more sound clarity and ease of installation, then Electric Horns should top your list. Musical Horns include Dixie Horns that play the nostalgic Dixie tunes and other cool Hollywood numbers and Novelty Horns that play wolf whistle sounds and cattle sounds to provide for some laughs on the road!

Types of Horns

Air Horns

Air HornsAir Horns produce a full-blown, "big-rig" sound and are ideal for trucks, trailers, or large passenger cars. Air Horns are powered by compressed air, the secret behind that loud blast of sound. Air Horns are available with dual as well as triple trumpets. Air Horns come with rust-free plastic and flashy chrome-plated trumpets and compressors that add a touch of class to your vehicle. For installing air horns in a car or a truck, there must be enough room for an air compressor under your vehicle's hood.

Electric Horns

Electric HornsElectric Horns produce a variety of sounds that make fellow drivers sit up and take notice, such as the resounding under-water ocean liner sound or a low-and-high tone that blends together for harmonious music. You may also choose from a range of Electric Horns housings made from zinc-plated, thermoplastic and chrome-plated materials. They are incredibly easy to install and fit into any engine compartment without any hassle.

The biggest advantage Electric Horns have over air horns is that they don't need an air compressor to work. Electric horns have a longer life and are good value for your hard-earned money.

Horn Accessories

Horn AccessoriesHorn Accessories from JC Whitney are designed to keep your vehicle's Horns sounding loud and powerful for many years. Horn Accessories like Horn Air Compressors and Air Storage Tanks provide the horns with a steady supply of air to make them function well. JC Whitney's huge collection of Horn accessories include Horn Relays that prevent the failure of horns and alarms, Air Hoses to be used with Air Compressors and Tanks, Horn Buttons, wiring, nuts and complete Horn Installations Kits that make installation easy.

That's not all, we also stock Replacement Solenoid Valves and Control Valves, that help you easily replace worn and damaged Solenoid Valves and Control Valves. They come with all the required hardware and can be easily installed.

Multi-Sound Horns

Multi-Sound HornsAs the name suggests, Multi-Sound Horns produce a variety of sounds that are sure to get everyone's notice while on the road. Multi-Sound Horns come with 46 or 36 different types of sounds like- animal sounds, police sirens and other popular melodies. Record-A-Horn Horns allow you to record sounds of your choice.

Some Multi-Sound Horns come with a Public Address System that can be used during rallies and other public activities.

Musical Horns

Musical HornsMusical Air Horns and Electric Horns produce a lively musical tune every time you honk to grab immediate attention! Musical Air Horns with six trumpets play the most easily recognizable tunes such as the classic Dr. Zhivago musical tunes, the Dixie tunes, the ever-popular Tequila, La Bamba and the folksy "Oh Susannah". Musical Electric Horns play songs with impeccable clarity. They are far more durable than their air horn counterparts and come with a remote control for song selection and volume control.

Novelty Horns

Novelty HornsNovelty Air Horns and Electric Horns play distinctive sounds that help you make your mark in the rush hour traffic. Novelty Electric Horns are high-pitched and extra-loud. These horns come with an assortment of sounds such as wolf whistle horns, beep-beep horns, cattle horns, horns that sound like European police car siren or even the cry of a wild turkey! Novelty Air Horns have a built-in heavy-duty compressor that creates an incredibly loud sound. As with all Electric Horns, they install easily as well.

Replacement Horns

Replacement HornsIf you want a louder, more powerful sound for your vehicle, you can replace your existing horns with extra-loud Replacement Horns from JC Whitney. A 130-decibel Replacement Horn gives you the choice of a high or low signal tone. You can give your Volkswagen the advantage of a powerful sounding horn with a 6-and-12 volt Horn, designed exclusively for VWs! With an Ultra-Compact Extra-Loud Horn, you get an incredibly loud sound in a small package. All Replacement Horns are made from tough, impact-resistant materials that are sure to last a long time. They are compact enough to fit easily into any engine compartment.

Siren Horns

Siren HornsSiren Horns are ideal for emergency vehicles, police cars, fire engines and ambulances. Siren Horns include 110-decibel motor-driven Sirens that produce the blaring sound of police car and fire truck, 4-in-1 Sirens that combine the sounds of a police car, fire engine, ambulance and a truck air horn and 140-decibel Sirens that can be heard almost a mile away.

You can also choose a mini motor-driven Siren, which is small in size, but produces a noticeably loud sound. This Siren is great for emergency vehicles and boats. Siren Horns from our collection are made from flashy chrome-plated materials and fit easily into any engine compartment.

Spare A Thought Before You Honk!

Horns, if used indiscreetly, create public nuisance and noise pollution. Be considerate about fellow drivers and pedestrians - Use your horn only as a safety warning. Minimize the use of horns near schools, hospitals and places of religious worship. Avoid using your horn between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. According to WHO (World Health Organization), the allowed decibel on the roads should not be above 40 decibels.


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