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Take a look at our selection of Mufflers products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Mufflers. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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    Hooker Universal Muffler. Provides great durability with the help of its high quality built. Hooker has helped many racers throughout the... more

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    Does your ride have a stock muffler that is just too restrictive or an old muffler that sounded better in days past? Simply replace it... more

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    Imagine being able to start up your bike for an early morning ride without angering your neighbors-enjoy a deep, powerful exhaust note... more

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    RUSH EXHAUST DIRECT FIT MUFFLER. Exceeding expectations in Performance, Sound, Quality and Affordability. more

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    TSUKIGI RACING DIRECT FIT MUFFLER. Extensively used to reduce the intake and exhaust noise from pumps, fans, compressors, and internal... more

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    TWO BROTHERS RACING DIRECT FIT TWO BROTHERS RACING C-5 MUFFLER. This type of system replaces your existing s-bend pipe and exhaust canister... more

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    TWO BROTHERS RACING DIRECT FIT TWO BROTHERS RACING M2R MUFFLER. Two years in the making, the all new Two Brothers Racing M2R REM Exhaust... more

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    TWO BROTHERS RACING DIRECT FIT MUFFLER. Precision, custom bent stainless steel CAT Eliminator kit upgrade for your Yamaha R1. more

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    Standard's Muffler and tailpipe is designed to reduce the noise levels of the exhaust by breaking up the sound frequencies of the gases... more

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    YOSHIMURA MUFFLER. Yoshimura's Single Outlet Tri-Oval is available in Slip-On and Bolt-On configurations. more

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    Thrush Mufflers are well-known in the hot rod, custom car and muscle car communities mainly for contributing to aggressive sounding V8... more

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Mufflers from JC Whitney™ are just what you need to convert your mediocre sounding vehicle into a roaring beast. Our Exhaust & Emissions section feature Performance Mufflers and Replacement Mufflers that are designed to fit just about all cars, trucks, SUVs and Jeep®. JC Whitney’s™ collection of Performance Mufflers includes the renowned Flowmaster Performance Muffler that is available in 15 different configurations. These Mufflers eliminate backpressure, improve performance, and increase gas mileage! You can also find the Cherry Bomb® Turbo II Muffler that features a double wrapped body to resist blowouts. We stock Mufflers from leading brands like DNA, Patriot, Cherry Bomb®, Flowmaster® and Vortex.



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Types of Mufflers
Get Roaring with Mufflers!

Mufflers from JC Whitney's extensive selection of Exhaust & Emissions help eliminate backpressure, improve performance, and increase gas mileage! They ensure high exhaust flow and low back pressure, but keep sound inside the muffler. You can pick from the best Performance Mufflers and Replacement Mufflers at our collection and get performance sound in your vehicle.

Performance Mufflers produce legendary deep and mellow sounds and come with a double-wrapped body that resists blow-out. You can get reverse-flow design-mufflers that can be installed in either direction or heavy-gauge steel, aluminized mufflers that resist rust and are fully welded for long life. They are double wrapped for durability and even greater sound control.

Replacement Mufflers from JC Whitney restore your vehicle's flow, horsepower and performance lost due to damaged or malfunctioning parts. These Mufflers withstand extreme vibration and road shocks and are custom engineered to exact factory standards. They also ensure permanent rigid suspension and high-quality long-lasting performance for your vehicle exhaust.

Types of Mufflers

Performance Mufflers

Performance MufflersPerformance Mufflers from our vast collection produce a big sound outside your truck and a quiet, less-resonant tone inside. They also minimize back pressure for more power than original equipment. They are the perfect street and strip mufflers that are available in 15 different configurations!

High-Performance Glass-Pack Mufflers come with a heavy-gauge steel shell and high-density long strand fiber glass. They have a high-temperature powder-coated finish and a straight-through design that reduces back pressure and maximizes horsepower. You can also get Oval Turbo II Mufflers that lets the engine breathe freely to improve power, performance and gas mileage.

High-Performance Aluminized Turbo Mufflers are for all exhaust systems and provide one of the highest horsepower outputs of all performance mufflers. They are designed for reverse flow and free-flow, low-restriction exhausts without excessive noise. Velocity Series Performance Welded Mufflers offer a performance sound at the tailpipe without the usual annoying drone inside your vehicle!

Aluminized, High-Performance Glass-Packed Mufflers are also available that are designed for maximum sound control and deliver a low, distinctively powerful tone. JC Whitney also stocks Aluminized Mufflers for Dual Exhaust Conversion Systems, Dual Exhaust Turbo Mufflers, Muffler Inserts for Megaphone Systems, Stainless Steel Mufflers, Carbon-Fiber-Wrapped Mufflers, Header/Extractor Dual Muffler Systems and more available from renowned brands.

Replacement Mufflers

Replacement MufflersReplacement Mufflers for your Jeeps at JC Whitney help restore the flow, horsepower and performance lost due to damaged or malfunctioning original parts. Mufflers for Volkswagens are easy to install without any alterations. They are made from heavy-gauge steel that withstands extreme vibration and road shocks. These super-silent Mufflers come with a special louver design that breaks up noisy sound waves with the lowest back pressure.

Muffler and Tailpipe Kits are exact duplicates of original equipment and include everything needed to replace your exhaust system including fully baffled muffler, tailpipes and muffler and tailpipe installation kits. You can also choose from Replacement Mufflers, Replacement Performance Mufflers and Replacement Mufflers with Tailpipes from our huge assortment at JC Whitney.