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    REPLACEMENT PEDAL PAD. Available pads: Brake, emergency brake, brake and clutch, and accelerator pads. Omix-ADA houses more than 16,000... more

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    OE REPLACEMENT PEDAL PAD. For Vehicles with manual transmission only. Comes with gas pedal cover, brake pedal cover, and clutch pedal cover... more

    Save $45

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    ACCELERATOR PEDAL BOOT. Omix-ADA houses more than 16,000 unique part numbers from various brands and manufacturers of Jeep products and... more

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    PEDAL PAD. This is a high quality pedal pad. Designed to meet or exceed OE standards. APA/URO Parts is one of the leading providers of... more

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    PEDAL ASSEMBLY. Established in 1981, committed to offering the highest quality products that utilizes state-of-the-art technology to manufacture... more

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Pedals and Pedal Covers from JC Whitney’s collection of Interior Accessories are a great way to replace those boring stock pedals or worn and slippery pedal covers. Our huge assortment of Pedals and Pedal Covers includes Complete Pedal Assemblies, Decorative and Novelty Pedals, Pedal Covers, Racing Pedals, Replacement Pedals and Parts, Accelerator Pedal Covers and Brake Pedal Covers. You can select Pedals and Pedal Covers from renowned brands like EMPI, Pilot™ Motorsports, Roush® Performance and Metro Molded Parts.


Pedals & Pedal Covers

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  A Final Touch of Style to Your Vehicle Interior with Pedal and Pedal Covers
Types of Pedals and Pedal Covers
A Final Touch of Style to Your Vehicle Interior with Pedal and Pedal Covers

Pedals and Pedal Covers from JC Whitney are custom designed to match the original outline of your vehicle's Pedals. They make perfect replacements for worn and slippery Pedals of your vehicle. These Pedals and Pedal Covers look great, work fine and improve the grip between your foot and the Pedal. You can choose from Complete Pedal Assemblies, Decorative and Novelty Pedals, Pedal Covers, Racing Pedals and Replacement Pedals and Parts that are available in various styles, designs and finishes at our collection.

You can replace damaged brake and clutch Pedals easily with Complete Pedal Assemblies from our collection. These assemblies look and function like original equipment and are designed to fit your vehicle perfectly. You can go for Decorative and Novelty Pedals that enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Pedal Covers from our collection will add a touch of style to your vehicle's interior. They make great replacements for worn or damaged pads on clutch and brake Pedals.

You can now give your vehicle that sporty appearance and make it look attractive and stylish with the help of Racing Pedals from JC Whitney. They are available in various styles and finishes to suit your vehicle's requirements. Replacement Pedals and Parts quickly and perfectly replace worn, slippery Pedal surfaces providing you with a better grip. They come with instructions for easy installation.

Types of Pedals and Pedal Covers

Complete Pedal Assemblies

Complete Pedal AssembliesComplete Pedal Assemblies from JC Whitney restore the original look and feel of your vehicle. They also make excellent replacements for damaged brake and clutch Pedals. They enhance the look of your vehicle and are easy to install.

Decorative and Novelty Pedals

Decorative and Novelty PedalsDecorative and Novelty Pedals from JC Whitney give the ultimate touch in style and design. These Decorative and Novelty Pedals are attractive, stylish and unusual attention getters. They are made from strong and high quality materials ensuring durability and strength. Designed for all Cars, these Decorative and Novelty Pedals from our collection are easy to install - and do not require any drilling.

Pedal Covers

Pedal CoversWe also stock Pedal Covers that make perfect replacements for worn or damaged pads on clutch and brake Pedal. These Pedal Covers also create a customized look and give a cool appearance to the interior of your vehicle. Made from high-quality materials, these Pedal Covers are strong and durable. They feature an Easy 4-step installation and hardware that help them securely mount onto OE Pedals.

Racing Pedals

Racing PedalsRacing Pedals from JC Whitney add a great look to your interior. These Racing Pedals can work on both manual and automatic transmissions. You can go for Carbon-Fiber-Look Adjustable Racing Pedal Pad Sets from our collection that completely adjust for a better fit and provide you with greater driving comfort. They feature new-design pads that fit over the existing Pedal pads perfectly adding to the appearance of your vehicle interior. These Pedal Pad Sets are available in four colors.