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Rugged Ridge Parts: Rugged Ridge Bumpers & Steering

JC Whitney is the best place to shop for Rugged Ridge products that'll turn your ordinary jeep into a beastly machine on the road or off-road. Our prices are just half of what you'll find at other stores, so you can save more here than anywhere else. Browse our catalog of Rugged Ridge parts below and get ready for an incredible rough and tumble ride in your jeep.

Rugged Ridge Accessories for Jeeps, Trucks and SUVs

Provides a complete line of high quality functional Jeep and Truck/SUV accessories. Our products can take you from street to trail that makes you look good in doing it. Rugged Ridge has you covered from polished stainless steel bolt-on accessories to hard core off road protection and performance.

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About Rugged Ridge - A Division of Omix-Ada

Omix-Ada is the world's largest independent manufacturer and wholesale-only company of Jeep parts and accessories with more than 16,000 parts in stock and a retail value exceeding $30 million. Offering thousands of components for the entire Jeep line from 1941 to the newest models, we've got everything for every Jeep, old or new.

The owner and founder of Omix-Ada has grown up along with the Jeep industry with his family owning a small Jeep dealership since his childhood. Under his father's guidance, he was able to learn how to run a successful Jeep business. And in 1992, he was able to start his own Jeep parts and accessories operation.

Now, Omix-Ada has about 75 employees working hard to give you the best in high quality products at competitive prices. Our company stands out among the rest by having high fill rates, innovative marketing packages, same day shipping, and over 16,000 items of Jeep accessories and replacement or restoration parts. And as the leading manufacturer and distributor of Jeep parts, we are the major business partner of virtually every Jeep parts retailer in the nation, and around the world.

Here at Omix-Ada, we make sure that our products are always, accessible, affordable, desirable, exciting, and functional for the entire Jeep line up. Your Jeep isn't just a vehicle, it's a timeless icon. Keep it running like new with the best products from Omix-Ada.

Engineering: Research & Development

The Omix-Ada R&D department is one of the most capable research and development teams in the automotive industry. It handles engineering and product design by using the latest tools such as 3D Computer Aided Designs, Finite Element Analysis, and other cutting edge technologies. With decades of experience in creating parts and accessories, we are able to develop components that are of the highest quality assuring our customers of high performance and durable items. Since 2008, we have expanded our research and development capabilities with our Atlanta R&D facility. This has added the latest in rapid prototyping tech that will speed up our traditional prototyping and product development processes.

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Omix-ADA is the parent company of these great brands.

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Rugged Ridge Accessories for Jeep: Rugged Ridge has the most complete line of high quality Jeep accessories and products in the market today. Get your Jeep running from the street to any trail with items that increase your vehicle's performance and looks. From polished stainless steel bolt-on accessories to tough, off road protection and performance parts, Rugged Ridge products and accessories have you covered.

Alloy USA: Our full line of high quality and high performance products are engineered for the serious off road enthusiast by our own team of off road enthusiasts. Our items are made from premium alloy steel for strength and durability in any hard core off road adventure. All our products are backed by industry leading warranties (3, 5, or 10-year limited warranty) showing you how confident we are with our products. Omix-Ada is a parent company of Alloy USA.

ORV Suspensions: Engineered and designed by Jeep enthusiasts for Jeep vehicles, ORV Suspensions offers a full line of heavy duty suspension and lift kits to upgrade any Jeep's off road capabilities. Every kit can be custom tailored for a particular vehicle or need. Get the ORV advantage today.

Outland: Every truck or SUV needs Outland Accessories to get out the best from them. We've got a full line of tube steps, bull bars, consoles, and other functional accessories for trucks and accessories that transform your vehicle into a great looking high performance machine.

Precision Gear: With a full line of heavy duty parts to boost your drive train's performance, Precision Gear engineered upgraded ring and pinion sets make your ride perform at its best. Made from the highest quality materials and designed for a full range of vehicles, on or off road. Look good and perform at your best whether on street or trail with Precision Gear Ring and Pinion sets.

Just from the name, you can tell Rugged Ridge is serious about churning out the roughest and toughest jeeps on the road or off-road. But the company backs up their tough name with equally heavy-duty aftermarket jeep parts that have transformed many jeeps into real off-road monsters. If you want these high-performance parts on your jeep, you’ll find our extensive catalog extremely useful.

Many jeep owners today prefer Rugged Ridge parts over other brands because their durability and performance are simply overwhelming. The company manufactures over five hundred top-quality products that are custom-designed to seamlessly fit most types of jeeps. Now, JC Whitney brings you these amazing Rugged Ridge parts, such as carburetors, brake drums, master cylinders and brake shoe sets, so you can boost your jeep’s performance like never before.

Here at JC Whitney, we continue to fortify our credibility as the leading aftermarket parts distributor by offering our customers nothing less than the best deals in the entire industry. In line with that goal, we’re offering you all the Rugged Ridge products you need at prices 50% lower than what you’ll find at other stores out there! And to help you customize or fix your jeep as soon as possible, leave it to us to ship your orders within an amazingly brief period of 24 hours via our Next-Day Delivery Service. Remember: a jeep is not a jeep unless it delivers a monstrous performance whether on the road or off-road, so check out our complete collection of Rugged Ridge products right now.

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