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Take a look at our selection of Seat Belts & Accessories products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Seat Belts & Accessories. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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    Crown Automotive is renowned for manufacturing the highest quality OEM replacement parts for Jeeps from 1942 to the present model year more

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    REPLACEMENT SEAT BELT. Omix-ADA houses more than 16,000 unique part numbers from various brands and manufacturers of Jeep products and... more

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    SEAT BELT STOP. Dorman Seat Belt Stop is the ideal choice if you require products that will give you long service. It meets and/or even... more

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    SEAT BELT RETAINER. Dorman Seat Belt Retainer are the ideal spare part or product of choice if it is time to replace those Dorman Seat... more

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    LAP BELT RETRACTOR. Omix-ADA houses more than 16,000 unique part numbers from various brands and manufacturers of Jeep products and accessories... more

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    SEAT BELT EXTENDERS. The Universal "Extender". Easy to install for front or rear 3 Pt retractable applications. Extends webbing retractor... more

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Seat Belts & Accessories from JC Whitney make perfect replacements for your vehicle’s worn-out or damaged Seat Belts. Retractable Lap & Shoulder Belts lock at the length you choose and ensure complete freedom of movement, yet retractor locks belt instantly in case of an accident. We also stock 4-Point Harness Seat Belts that are prefect additions to your vehicle’s racing seats or any seat requiring a 4-point harness. Seat Belt Accessories such as Shoulder Pads from JC Whitney prevent painful shoulder rubbing and chafing.

You can also choose 3-Point Retractable Seat/Shoulder Belts with Push Button Buckle, Driver Restraint Systems / 5-Point Harness Seat Belts, Seat Belt Tension Adjusters, Flame Seat Belt Shoulder Pads and Seat Belt Packs from our wide range of Seat Belts & Seat Belt Accessories. You can opt for Seat Belts & Seat Belt Accessories like Lap Belts, Shoulder Belts, Lap Seat Belts, Racing Seat & Harness and Seat Belt Accessories from top brands like RCI®, APC™, Beams, Pilot™ Motorsports, Wang, Peko and Omix®.

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Seat Belts & Accessories

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  Get Seat Belts for Good On-road Safety!
Selecting Seat Belts for your Vehicle
Maintenance of Seat Belts and Hardware
Get Seat Belts for Good On-road Safety!

Seat Belts can save lives! Seat Belts keep you secure in your seats even while driving through bumpy or pot-holed roads. They reduce the risk of head and neck injuries in case of collisions or severe on-road accidents. JC Whitney stocks different kinds of Seat Belts that will not only keep you safe but also spruce up the appearance of your vehicle's interior.

You can select from a variety of Seat Belts like Lap and Shoulder Belts, Lap Belts and Racing Harnesses. Lap and Shoulder Belts are perfect replacements for worn or broken factory Seat Belts. You can also get Lap Seat Belts that can be installed easily. These seat belts can be fitted easily on the Front Seats and Rear Seats of your vehicle.

If you own a Sports Car you can get a Racing Seat Harness or a Restraint System. Racing Seat Belts keep you completely secure and provide extra body support while even while driving at high speeds. Seat Belt Accessories like Shoulder Pads, Tension Adjusters and Extension Brackets help make your Seat Belts more comfortable and last long.

Selecting Seat Belts for your Vehicle

Lap and Shoulder Belts

Lap and Shoulder BeltsRetractable Lap and Shoulder Belts keep you and your passengers safe on and off the road. They are perfect replacements for worn or deteriorated Factory Seat Belts. You can get better security with these Lap and Shoulder Belts as they provide extra body support and minimize the risk of injuries in case of accidents. Seat Belts usually have a push button release for quick and easy access. These Belts can be retracted when not in use allowing neat and easy storage. You can install them easily as they come with all the required hardware and mounting instructions.

Lap Seat Belts

Lap Seat BeltsLap Safety Seat Belts are available for both the front and rear Seats of your vehicle. They have a special chrome plated quick release push button buckle for better and easy access. Lap Belts come with all the mounting and hardware instructions for easy installation. You can also get Seat Belt Harness Floor Anchors to ensure that your Seat Belts fit securely and last long.

Racing Seat and Harness

Racing Seat and HarnessJC Whitney stocks special Seat Belt Harnesses and Restraint Systems for your Sports or Racing Car that will ensure security even while driving at high speeds. Seat Belt Harnesses from our collection are perfect additions for your racing seats. 4-point harness Seat Belts give your shoulders and upper body the extra support needed during speed driving.

You can also get Special Restraint Systems for your Racing Car. They have a 5-point harness that is similar to the ones used in racing cars. These Racing Seat Harnesses come with all the hardware for trouble-free installation.

Seat Belt Accessories

Seat Belt Accessories At JC Whitney, you can get a variety of Seat Belt Accessories that will ensure that your Seat Belt fits securely and comfortably. Seat Belt Shoulder Pads come in a variety of fabrics, designs and colors and can be easily slipped over your shoulder strap. They add comfort, style and a bright new look to your Seat Belt.

Seat Belt Tension Adjusters allow you to adjust your seat belt for the most comfortable fit. They fit all Shoulder and Lap Seat Belts and can be installed easily without any tools.

You can increase the length of your Seat Belt with Seat Belt Extension Brackets. They can be mounted to the floor of your vehicle to make the buckle side of your Seat Belt longer.

Maintenance of Seat Belts and Hardware

Seat Belts are vital to ensure on-road safety. If your vehicle doesn't have a Seat Belt get one installed immediately. Check your Seat Belts occasionally for loose or broken brackets and hardware. Get them replaced as soon as possible. You should also replace your Seat Belts if they're not functioning properly. Get these Seat Belts checked by an automobile expert to ensure that they are functioning smoothly.