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Take a look at our selection of Seats, Seat Belts & Hardware products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Seats, Seat Belts & Hardware. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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    Dress up your vehicle's interior with Garage Pro Standard Seat! It features a rugged design that gives smooth, sleek appearance and a customized... more

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    Crown Automotive is renowned for manufacturing the highest quality OEM replacement parts for Jeeps from 1942 to the present model year more

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    REPLACEMENT SEAT BELT. Omix-ADA houses more than 16,000 unique part numbers from various brands and manufacturers of Jeep products and... more

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Seats, Seat Belts & Hardware

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  Superior Comfort with Seats and Seat Belts!
Stylize your Vehicle with Seats and Seat Belts!
Caring for Seats and Seat Belts
Superior Comfort with Seats and Seat Belts!

Seats and Seat Belts can greatly enhance the level of comfort and safety you experience while traveling in your vehicle. They also help you give your vehicle a more sophisticated, personalized look. JC Whitney stocks some of the best Auto Seats and Seat Belts from leading brands. You can choose from seats and seat belts that come in a variety of designs and colors to pep up your vehicle's interior.

Our collection of Seats includes Jeep® Seats, SUV Seats, Sports Car Seats, Truck Seats and Van Seats. You can get both Front Seats and Rear Seats that are custom-made to your vehicle's specifications. They are made from extremely durable and plush fabrics and are available in different colors and textures.

You can also get Seat Belts and Accessories to ensure a safe drive. Lap and Shoulder Belts, Lap Belts and Seat Belt Accessories from JC Whitney are perfect replacements for worn and damaged belts and accessories. If you own a racing car you can also go in for our Racing Seat Belt Harness. We also stock hard-to-find Seat Hardware and Accessories like Seat Brackets, Seat Risers, Seat Frames and other Seat Assemblies that will help you keep your Auto Seats in good shape for years.

Stylize your Vehicle with Seats and Seat Belts!

Seat Belts & Accessories

Seat Belts & AccessoriesYou can choose from Lap and Shoulder Seat Belts and Lap Seat Belts for your vehicle. Lap and Shoulder Seat Belts provide support for both the upper and the lower part of your body. These belts can be easily installed on the Front Seats and Rear Seats of your car, truck or van. The spring-activated buckle of these Belts allows easy access and quick release. Seat Belts are usually retractable and can be stored neatly when they're not in use.

Lap Seat Belts can be used to replace worn or damaged Seat Belts of your vehicle. You can fit them on both the Front Seats and Rear Seats of your vehicle. They generally have a quick-release buckle or a push-button buckle for better convenience. You can also get a Seat Belt Harness Floor Anchor for your Auto Seat Belt. Lap Seat Belts come with all the hardware and instructions for easy installation.

If you own a Racing Car you can go in for our Racing Seat Belt Harnesses. These Seat Belts have a 4-point Harness and a quick release buckle for good on-road safety even at high speeds. You can also get a Driver Restraint System that has a 5-point harness and 3" webbed belts for a more relaxed restraint. This Seat Belt is perfect for vehicles that are used in extreme sports. These belts come with all the hardware required for easy installation.

JC Whitney stocks Seat Belt Shoulder Pads, Seat Belt Tension Adjusters, Extension Brackets and a variety of other Seat Belt Accessories needed to make your Seat Belts more comfortable.

Seat Hardware & Accessories

Seat Hardware & AccessoriesGet all the Hardware necessary to make your Auto Seats comfortable from our collection. You can get Seat Sliders, Seat Risers and Seat Pedestals that enable you to adjust the Seats according to your need. Hard-to find Seat Parts like Seat Handles, Seat Frames and Seat Adapters can make your seats last much longer. Installation can also be made easier with Seat Brackets, Seat Retainers, Seat Wheelhouse Supports and Seat Assemblies from JC Whitney.


SeatsJC Whitney stocks customized Seats for all kinds of vehicles. If you own a Jeep® you can get a Standard High-Back Seat and Bucket Seat. They are an economical solution to worn or deteriorated factory Seats. You can also get Reclining Seats that allow you to add some extra cargo storage space whenever you need it. We also stock Low Back Front Bucket Seats that help you give your Jeep® a classic look.

Trendy Sport Seats and Racing Car Seats are a great option, if you want to give your car a sporty look. They come in a variety of attractive colors and designs. You can select from Racing Reclining Seats, Carbon Fiber Seats, Leather Seats, Off-Road Racing Seats and Body Contoured Seats to customize your vehicle's interior.

Custom-designed Truck Seats and SUV Seats are also available in a variety of designs. Bench Seats, Sliding Bucket Seats and Trucker Seats are a great way to upgrade the look and feel of your old Truck or SUV interior. You can also get customized Van Seats in different designs and textures.

Caring for Seats and Seat Belts

Seats from our collection will keep you comfortable during long drives and make your ride relaxing. Vacuum them regularly to prevent dirt accumulation or foul smells. Damaged Seats can make your ride quite tiresome. You need to fix or replace them immediately to prevent pressure on your back and shoulders. Check the Seat Hardware also occasionally and replace rusted Accessories to prevent sudden breakage of Auto Seat Hardware.

Seat Belts are a must for all vehicles as they keep you safe at all times while on the road. Ensure that you have installed Seat Belts in your vehicle or replaced broken ones.