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Spark Plugs, Coil & Ignition parts and accessories

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    NGK OE REPLACEMENT IRIDIUM IX SPARK PLUG. Fine Iridium tip ensures high durability and a consistently stable spark. more

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    NGK COMMERCIAL SERIES SPARK PLUGS. Corrugated ribs help prevent "flashover" of spark which can lead to harmful misfires and rob you of... more

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    Motorcraft Ignition Coil. Excellent engine performance and improved fuel economy guaranteed. Tailpipe emissions and RFI electronic interference... more

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    IRIDIUM SPARK PLUGS. Champion iridium spark plugs offer maximum performance regardless of engine or ignition type. Each plug has an extremely... more

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Sparkplugs, Coil & Ignition

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  Easy Starts with Sparkplugs, Coil & Ignition
Types of Sparkplugs, Coil & Ignition
Easy Starts with Sparkplugs, Coil & Ignition

Sparkplugs, Coil & Ignition from JC Whitney ensure smoother running and better starts for your vehicle. They offer greater fuel efficiency and more power and also ensure smoother response. You can choose from a variety of top-quality Sparkplugs, Coil & Ignition parts at our extensive collection like Control Modules, Ignition & Spark Plug Wires, Ignition Switches, Performance Ignition parts and Spark Plugs.

These Sparkplugs, Coil & Ignition parts are even coated for protection against moisture, dirt, dust and oil. Spark Plugs help increase both 2- and 4-cycle engine power over conventional spark plugs and are ideal for high-mileage engines. They boost starting voltage to deliver a stronger, hotter spark and allow you to enjoy trouble-free starts even on cold mornings. Hotter sparks prevent soil build-up and fouling to give you better performance, acceleration and fuel economy.

Sparkplugs, Coil & Ignition parts from our selection help you get rid of hassles with points-type ignitions, slow starts or sluggish performance. Electronic ignition helps boost voltage to spark plugs and fires hotter and more accurately than point-type ignition. Performance Ignition parts deliver a super-hot spark to spark plugs and provide the most efficient combustion for maximum engine performance. They assure quicker and smoother acceleration than original distributors in your vehicle.

Types of Sparkplugs, Coil & Ignition

Control Modules

Control ModulesControl Modules like V-Force Power Control Modules help modify ignition curve and air/fuel ratio for maximum horsepower and acceleration. They are designed with a 20MHz microprocessor to optimize the ignition spark advance and recalibrate the fuel map. These Control Modules also come with easy plug-n-play under-the-hood installation.

Ignition & Spark Plug Wires

Ignition & Spark Plug WiresIgnition & Spark Plug Wires add more horsepower and are a great way to dress up the under hood area of your vehicle. You can get High-Performance Spark Plug Cable Sets for air-cooled VWs that provide pure silicone insulation and come in a selection of 4 attractive colors. They are extreme-heat resistant yet flexible and are assembled and ready to install.

High-Voltage Ignition Wire Sets are built for extreme heat resistance and maximum noise suppression. You can also go for Spark Plug Wire Sets that offer minimum spark loss and are extremely resistant to fuels, oils and solvents. We also stock Fiberglass Insulating Sleeves, Performance Ignition Wire Sets, Spark Plug Wire Divider Brackets and Loom Kits, Twin Core Wire Sets and more at JC Whitney.

Ignition Switch

Ignition SwitchIgnition Switches from our huge collection include Push Button Starter Kits that help you start your engine with the push of a button! They act as an anti-theft safety measure as it prevents your vehicle from getting driven until the key is turned. Performance Coil Packs for Coil on Plug Ignition provide hotter spark, increased horsepower and torque.

Polished Stainless Steel Coil Covers with Brackets, Combination Ignition Switch and Ignition Locks, Ignition Switches with Pigtails are some other types of Ignition Switches available. All these Ignition Switches are strong, durable and come with easy mounting features.

Spark Plugs

Spark PlugsSpark Plugs produce more power and reduce fuel consumption while cutting harmful toxic emissions. They also contribute to a cleaner, smoother and long-lasting engine by reducing carbon deposits. These Spark Plugs come with a patented edge-to-edge design that concentrates spark energy for easier starts in all weather conditions.

High-Voltage Spark Plug Sets are engineered for motors using excessive oil. They are built to fire when other plugs fail and contain self-cleaning plugs that won't foul. JC Whitney also stocks Iridium Spark Plugs, Triple Platinum Spark Plugs, Performance Spark Plugs, U-Groove Spark Plugs, Spark Plug Covers and Replacement Spark Plugs.

Performance Ignition

Performance IgnitionPerformance Ignition parts from JC Whitney like High-Performance Ignition Coils provide maximum ignition power, eliminate misfires and reduce plug fouling. You can also go for total high-performance Electronic Ignition Systems that include breaker-less solid-state electronic ignition plus a high-performance centrifugal advance distributor. These complete systems fit all air-cooled VWs with 12-volt electrical systems.

Electronic Ignition Kits are also available that help extend plug life, improve gas mileage and install inside distributor as easily as changing points! We also stock Ignition Lock Cylinders, Super Coils, Electronic Ignition Conversion Kits, Performance Ignition System Kits, Heavy-Duty Coils, Electronic Ignition Control Modules, Ballast Resistors, Coil Amplifiers, Points Eliminator Kits and more at our vast assortment.