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Product #: WALOX38394 Brand: Walker Products See Product Details
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Priced from: $40.17 - $60.67 See Product Choices
Priced from: $40.17 - $60.67 See Product Choices
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Walker Products manufactures and distributes a wide variety of O2 Sensors for passenger cars, trucks and SUV's.

Walker Products offers all available oxygen sensors: zirconia, titania, wideband and air/fuel ratios. The zirconia ceramic sensor body is contained in a housing which protects it against mechanical effects and facilitates mounting. The ceramic body is made of stabilized zirconium dioxide (zirconia). Its surfaces are coated with electrodes made of a gas-permeable platinum layer. In addition, a porous ceramic coating has been applied to the side exposed to the exhaust gas. This coating prevents contamination and erosion of the electrode surfaces by combustion residue and particulates in the exhaust gases

  • OE Direct Fit Sensors
  • Longer Sensor Life
  • 100% Original Equipment Technology
  • Improved Fuel Economy & Lower Emissions
  • 100% Original Equipment Technology
  • Improved Engine Response And Performance
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