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Weatherstripping from JC Whitney can be used on the sides of your vehicle’s doors, windows and trunk to make them watertight and make your ride more comfortable. They also prevent rust formation and keep your vehicle cool and moisture-free. Weatherstripping from our collection help stop constant rattling of doors and windows when driving and also keep raindrops and heat out of your vehicle. We also stock Belt Weatherstripping, Body and Hood Weatherstripping, Complete Weatherstripping Kits, Door Weatherstripping, Pillar Weatherstripping, Trim and Universal Weatherstrip, Trunk and Tailgate Weatherstripping, Window Weatherstripping and Windshield Weatherstripping. You can opt for Weatherstripping from popular brands like EMPI, West Coast Metric, Omix Ada®, Soffseal, Fairchild Industries and Stanpro.



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  Seal Your Vehicle for a Peaceful Ride!
Weatherstripping and its Benefits!
Weatherstripping for All Parts of your Vehicle!
Keep your Vehicle Well Sealed!
Seal Your Vehicle for a Peaceful Ride!

Do your vehicle's doors and windows rattle constantly and allow water in every time it rains? Then, it's time to replace your Weatherstripping. Weatherstripping can be used on the sides of your vehicle's doors, windows and trunk to make them watertight. You can prevent rust formation and keep your vehicle cool and moisture-free by replacing worn-out Auto Weatherstripping. These Weatherstrips are especially useful during rainy and hot days as they keep raindrops and heat out of your vehicle.

You also need to replace damaged and loose Weatherstripping to shield your vehicle from dust and wind noise. You can get long lasting black rubber, foam rubber, and other durable Weatherstripping materials at JC Whitney. These Auto Weatherstrips will make your ride hassle free and keep your vehicle's interiors protected at all times.

Auto Weatherstripping is available for all parts of your vehicle - Door Weatherstripping and Pillar Weatherstripping, Window Weatherstripping and Windshield Weatherstripping, Belt Weatherstripping, Hood Weatherstripping and Body Weatherstripping and Trunk Weatherstripping and Tailgate Weatherstripping.

Weatherstripping and its Benefits!

Replacing worn Weatherstripping of your vehicle will make your ride so comfortable and relaxing that you will hardly feel any on-road hurdles or debris. You can keep out warm air and enjoy your vehicle's cool interior during hot summer days with Automotive Weatherstripping. Weatherstrips also act as a cushion to your vehicle's windows and doors preventing noisy rattles and water leaks. They keep your vehicle's interiors comfortable and prevent rust formation.

Weatherstripping for All Parts of your Vehicle!

Belt Weatherstripping

Belt WeatherstrippingInner Belt Weatherstripping and outer Belt Weatherstripping eliminate wind rattles and enable proper functioning of windows. You can also prevent water and dirt from getting inside your vehicle with strong, black, steel based Belt Weatherstripping. These Automotive Weatherstrips are custom-made to fit the contours of the doors and windows of your vehicle.

Body Weatherstripping and Hood Weatherstripping

Body & Hood WeatherstrippingBody Weatherstripping and Hood Weatherstripping prevent leaks and rattles and are perfect replacements to old and deteriorated Weatherstripping. Fender beading, grommet weatherstripping, header weatherstripping and tailgate seals can also be installed for complete insulation of your vehicle. These custom-molded seals are usually made of ozone-resistant high-quality black rubber.

Complete Weatherstripping Kit

Complete Weatherstripping KitComplete Weatherstripping Kits are available for trucks, Jeep®, Honda, Camaros and Firebirds. These Weatherstripping kits include Weatherstripping for all parts of the vehicle and are accurately designed to ensure correct fit and easy installation on your vehicle. You can easily replace torn, cracked and missing originals to eliminate water leaks, whistles and rattles.

Door Weatherstripping and Pillar Weatherstripping

Door & Pillar WeatherstrippingDoor Weatherstrips and Pillar Weatherstripping act as a sealant between the vehicle's door and body and blocks air and water leaks. You can also prevent annoying wind whistles and rattle of windows with weatherstripping. Black rubber and foam Rubber Weatherstripping won't crack or deteriorate even in extreme conditions. Automobile Weatherstripping is also available for the rear side door and trunk door of your vehicle.

Trim and Universal Weatherstripping

Trim and Universal WeatherstrippingTrim and Universal Weatherstripping are available for all vehicles. Rugged textured vinyl and sponge rubber weatherstripping act as strong shields against dirt, rain and drafts and are highly durable. These Rubber Weatherstrips have a special push-on or stick-on feature that make them fit securely and perfectly.

Trunk Weatherstripping and Tailgate Weatherstripping

Trunk and Tailgate WeatherstrippingTrunk Weatherstripping and Tailgate Weatherstripping seal the gap around the vehicle's tailgate and keep bed and stored gear dry and clean. These Weatherstrips are made of strong automotive rubber and have factory style clips for easy installation. Tailgate weatherstripping is specially made for Jeep® and pickups.

Window Weatherstripping and Windshield Weatherstripping

Window & Windshield WeatherstrippingWindow Weatherstripping and Windshield Weatherstripping seal out wind noise, eliminate window rattles and enable window regulators to function properly. These Auto Weatherstrips are perfect replacements for your vehicle and are easy to install. You can also get Seals for your vehicle's vents and quarter windows.

Keep your Vehicle Well Sealed!

Auto Weatherstripping needs to fit securely on the sides of the doors, windows and trunk of your vehicle to keep out rust and moisture. While selecting Weatherstripping, keep in mind that the thickness of the Weatherstrips should be such that it presses to the door without making the door hard to close. You need to install Rubber or foam Weatherstripping to keep your vehicle secure even under extreme weather conditions.

You can ensure a tight fit of the Weatherstrip by removing the old Weatherstrip carefully without leaving any residue. Once it's removed, slide on the new Weatherstrip to make your vehicle completely airtight and prevent leaks. If you are using a glue-on Weatherstrip align it properly to the window or door side and then stick it. Also make sure that the glue doesn't leak out to give the sides a neat, clean finish.