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  • How to Reprogram the Acura MDX Keyless Entry System

    The Acura MDX is the Acura nameplate\'s flagship entry into the luxury SUV market, and as such, it boasts several high-end features not commonly found in other cheaper SUV models. One such feature is the keyless entry system. Also known as the remote keyless system (RKS), the keyless entry allows you to open and lock the doors of your Acura MDX via a wireless remote. This system comes standard in all generations of the MDX, although select models also include remote access to the SUV\'s power liftgate.

    Acura MDX owners can program up to three remotes to access the SUV\'s keyless entry system. Here\'s a guide that will show you how to do just that:

    Preparing the vehicle

    To start, make sure that all of the doors and the rear hatch are closed; the vehicle will not allow you to reprogram the keyless entry system if even a single door is ajar. Also, make sure that the battery is in good condition as well as the remotes you want to program. Although there is nothing wrong with using a used car remote, you are less likely to encounter problems with a brand-new unit.

    Programming the remotes

    With the key in the ignition, turn it to the ON or \"II\" position until the dash lights turn on. If you hear a quiet click, quickly press the \"Lock\" button on the remote. Turn the key to the OFF or \"I\" position until the dash lights go off. If you hear a quiet click on the dashboard after switching the ignition off, the remote cannot be reprogrammed, and you must restart the entire program.

    However, if the ignition remains silent even after being turned off, repeat the process three more times. For the fourth attempt, after immediately switching the key to the \"II\" position, press the lock button on one remote. Doing so will cause the locks to make a clunking sound, which signifies the MDX\'s keyless entry system has been activated and is not on programming mode. Quickly press the lock button on each remote you are programming and release after one second. If done correctly, all of the keys should now be programmed and ready to use with your car.

    If it fails, \"reboot\" the system

    There may be instances where, despite several attempts, the remote refuses to be programmed properly. In such cases, you will need to \"reboot\" the keyless entry system. To do this, switch off the engine and disconnect the negative battery terminal from the battery for at least 15 minutes before reattaching it. Doing so will cause the keyless entry system to lose power and reset itself. Once the system has restarted, try programming the keys again.


    Another reason why the key refuses to be program is that it has-passed the 5-second window. Each step of the programming process needs to be done within 5 seconds, or else the system will revert back to the first step. Also, if you are programming more than one key, you will need to program all of the keys at the same time. This is because the SUV will \"forget\" previous remotes every time it is reprogrammed.